why everyone should learn massage

This is why we believe everyone should learn traditional Thai (yoga) massage.  Even if you don’t want to become a massage therapist!


Most people think that taking a massage course is only for those who like to become a massage therapist. We believe everyone should learn massage, to make yourself AND friends and family healthier and happier.



Because when you follow a traditional Thai (yoga) massage course you will have the knowledge on …

how to reduce stress,

become happier,

sleep better


eliminate pain.


Save money


Moreover, following a massage course saves you money: Learning massage is a long-lasting solution. Because when you know how to eliminate pain, reduce stress and sleep better, you can save a lot of money for medications, doctor bills and lost working days due to sick leave.


After a massage course, you are able to make others healthier and happier, but also yourself.




You will experience the health benefits of massage yourself because you also receive massages during the lessons. Because participants practice on each other.


You become physically stronger as if you have exercised because during the massage treatments you constantly move.


You become more flexible because during the massage treatments you also do yoga stretches yourself.


You become mentally healthier, stress-free because during the massage treatments you are in meditation yourself.




How would you feel if you are able to make yourself and others instantly relax and happier? And you are able to fix the stiff neck of someone within 5 minutes. How would you feel when you know how to reduce back pain, headache, sore shoulders, and more?


The knowledge you learn during a massage course will help you during your whole life. If you know the techniques of massage, you can instruct others to help you when needed. For example, when you wake up with a stiff neck, you can ask someone to fix it within a couple of minutes, because you know how to give instructions to someone, even if the other person has never given a massage.


Make yourself AND others happier, healthier and stress-free

As you know, we are such a fan of traditional Thai (yoga) massage and so amazed by the health benefits, that we just love to shout it out to everyone, to follow our mission: Making as many people healthier, happier and stress-free by massage.


Create a healthy and happy day!

Nicole (& Manel)

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