We are in this together

As we are all fighting the same fight: trying not to get sick, we have been working the last days to see how we can help you improving your immune system by massage. Plus becoming more relaxed.

Even though our school is not open for face-to-face lessons. We are open online.

We know this is a very difficult time for everyone. We hope you stay safe and healthy and we like to help you.

Most of us are probably now 1 week or more at home, as millions of people nowadays are being in quarantine. Probably you notice that you move less, blood circulation therefore is not as it should be. These days working on your health has never been so important, so please keep moving as much you can to improve your immune system.

And maybe you feel stressed because of this situation. Of course you know being stressed is not good, and increases the risk of getting sick. However, we understand, many people do feel stress in the difficult situation we are in at the moment. So if you have the opportunity, please do give your loved ones while being at home a massage to relax.

We like to help you with this.

And therefore we have been working hard the last week on the following. So whenever you are ready, here are 5 ways how we can help you becoming happier, healthier and stress-free by massage:

1. We made 7 free massage videos for you, so you can massage your loved ones at home, without taking any course. You can check them out here on Youtube.

You can just follow us and we keep you updated with more free stuff.

2. All our massage courses are online, so you can start today. So if you were thinking about following a massage course, this is the best time to start. And we like to help you, so if later on you like to study the course in our school, we deduct to you the price you paid for the online course. Just send us an email if you are interested and we send you all the info.

3. If you did not yet register for our Free Starterskit, you can do that on our website. We then send you the free videos directly, plus we have a great offer after you register.

4. The Thai yoga lessons (Rue Si Datton) are given privately online at the moment, by our teacher Miguel from Madrid. You can register if you like to learn these methods traditional Thai Therapists use to improve their own health, plus how they advice their clients to recover from injury. Just send us an email if you are interested and we send you all the info.

5. Life Balance lessons are soon being given online, so you can still join these Thai yoga massage classes from your own house. We keep you updated! Just send us an email if you are interested and we send you all the info.

Stay safe, healthy and happy! We are in this together!

Manel & Nicole

Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

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