To all yoga teachers

To all yoga teachers!

According to newspaper The Guardian, your industry is 80 billion euro per year.

If you had just a tiny fraction of that you had so many people who wanted to practice yoga with you, you didn’t have time to serve them all. But maybe like most yoga teachers, you are great at teaching yoga. But you find that getting clients is a bit of a problem.

But what about if you didn’t have to find more yogis to fill up your yoga lessons? You only had one extra thing that you could offer them and you have enough income to make a living?

Then we have something for you…

Thai yoga massage.

Now I hear you think? Yoga Massage? Is that something for me to give?

Let me explain, the massage is over the clothes on a mat on the floor. Giving acupressure and stretches. It is also called assisted-yoga. Both masseur and client are in meditation state moving into yoga asanas.

More clients

We like to share this to you because the yoga teachers we know that added Thai yoga massage as an extra service to their yoga studios are giving so much more value that clients have been talking so positively about them that others liked to try it too.

Less than 4 people in your class

Moreover, you probably need to have at least 4 people in your class to have a profitable class. However, when you give a Thai Yoga Massage Treatment, you only need to find 1 person. So imagine if only 10% of your customers sign up for your massage treatments?

Anyway, you can check it for yourself. You don’t need experience.

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