Having lived in many places in the world, Zsolt ended up in Amsterdam. From Hungarian origin, he worked as a dental technician for many years. In this job he was sitting on a chair for about 8 hours a day. He realized that he was having stiff back muscles from sitting all day, which made him believe he had to change in order to gain better health. His search for a totally different path led him to ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam. After completing the Massage Therapist Program he decided to quit his dental career to fully focus on giving massage treatments and in continuing following the Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training. He realized that he found what he was looking for, for many years. He now gives massage treatments and teaches different massage techniques. Moreover Zsolt is meditating and following a Tibetan Buddhist School for almost 2 decades. He experiences that Thai yoga massage and meditation are working together. That gives him the focus when he teaches or give massage treatments.

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