Since 1983 i worked in the ICT. A lot of what I did was done from the head. In recent years gradually came to the moment I started spending more from the heart. My whole life actually was well marked by the mindfulness philosophy. After some holidays in Thailand where I became acquainted with Thai massage, I decided to further my skills in it. I have followed courses at Thai Hand in Netherlands and ITM in Thailand. But still have the most learned of the culture of the Thai people. By me to live in this I can give massage as the Thai people do.

The beauty of Thai yoga massage is that I like the holistic approach about it, the interaction between the physical and the mental body. The whole body is treated no matter where the location of the discomfort is situated. Around me I saw how many people benefit from Thai Yoga massage.

I now give training in i.a. Nuad Bo Rarn massage on a mat, a chair, a table and foot reflexology.

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