Manuel Luque Aguilera


Founder of ITM International Training Massage School Thai Hand Amsterdam and Berlin. From Spanish origin he left his stressy corporate job as a marketing manager to dedicate his life after ‘learning the ancient way to be healthy’ to teach different traditional therapeutics massage techniques to everyone interested around the world. He followed the teacher training in the best schools in Thailand (International Training Massage School Chiang Mai, Chetawan Health center Wat Po Traditional Thai Medical School) and Tao Garden Medical Taoist hospital and school center where he study the technique of Chi Nei Tsang and graduate as a practitioner, and returns every year to Thailand to teach and study more.

Skills: Teaches Nuad Bo Rarn Level I, II, III and IV, Thai Foot Reflexology Massage, Medical Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Traditional Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage, Advanced Thai Physiotherapy for Health, Rue-si Dat Ton Traditional Thai Yoga,Teacher training for clases and workshops Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Elbow and knee power massage, Hand Reflexology Massage, Essential Aroma Therapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Sport Massage and Baby Therapy Massage.