Taking time out towards a healthier lifestyle

Recharging your battery?

Are you feeling sometimes a bit stressed? Do you feel you need to charge your battery? You like to have more time, relaxation, better health or/and like to be happier?

Then we have something for you…

What about 2 weeks of ultimate relaxation?


Imagine this…

You wake up in the morning totally relaxed with a beach view.  Starting your day with a delicious healthy breakfast served for you. Then yoga and meditation on the beach (even if you have never practiced yoga and meditation before). And then… receiving massage…


What would this do for you?

Two weeks of only treating yourself with yoga, meditation, fresh delicious food, massage, swimming in clear waters, relaxing on pristine beaches, hiking in the rainforest to see the waterfalls…

So… 2 weeks of joy, happiness, better health being in an amazing surrounding.

If you have the feeling, yes I want that experience too… then we have something for you…


Join the retreat in November.

Our Thai yoga massage retreat is every November in Koh Chang, Thailand. We go there with a group of like-minded people. And we teach you Thai yoga massage.

Participants practice on each other so you will also experience the benefits of Thai yoga massage, because you will receive the massage every day during the retreat.


You don’t need to have any experience.


Do you recognize yourself?

Maybe you recognize yourself in the reasons why others join the Thai yoga massage retreat:

  • ‘I felt stressed and wanted to recharge my batteries’
  • ‘I wanted to help others becoming happier and healthier’
  • ‘I had burnout complaints, headaches and back pain and wanted to get rid of this’
  • ‘I just wanted to relax more’
  • ‘I wanted to learn Thai yoga massage in a great environment’
  • ‘I wanted to change career’
  • ‘I wanted to take some time off to learn something new’
  • ‘I wanted to learn how I can relieve the stress and complaints of my family and friends’
  • ‘I wanted to have an ultimate relaxing experience’
  • ‘I think too much, and wanted to relax my mind’


Is it your time too?

Maybe it is time for you too, to take some time out towards a heathier lifestyle?

If you are interested in our Thai yoga massage retreat, you can read more here.

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