Stop Insomnia

Imagine that you don’t sleep enough for many years.

Not even close to a good night sleep, but only 2 hours and then you wake up. Then you try to fall back asleep again but you can’t.

How would that make you feel?

Well, we remember the incredible story of one of our students some years ago. We love to share that to you, so hopefully, it can inspire others.

After teaching an intensive weekend of Nuad Thai massage, years ago, we received the next morning a very nice email from one of the students from that weekend.

Sleeping problems for years

He told us that he had been suffering from insomnia for many years. He had been working night shifts in hotels. So he usually worked at night and slept during the day. However, this was hard for him.

Difficult to fall asleep

After some years he had difficulties falling asleep after work, plus he woke up after a couple of hours.

Constantly tired

He became more and more tired. He tried and tried falling asleep and going back to sleep. But it worsened over time. This meant that after a while the only thing he did at night was working and the only thing he tried to do during the day, was sleeping.

No social life

So, therefore, his social life became very thin. He hardly saw anyone else besides the people at work (which were not many people, because not many people worked with him at night).

Changing seemed impossible

He felt the need to change. Decided to quit his job and try to find a job to work during the days. However this was very difficult, because he now was so used to sleep (well trying to sleep) during the day, that now sleeping at night became difficult, so he was very tired. No, not very tired, he was totally exhausted during the day.

Vicious circle

He became stressed, overly tired and came into a vicious circle.


Until someone recommended massage to him. It helped him to relax. He decided to take it a step further and learn massage himself.

Wanting to learn himself

So there he was following a Nuad Thai massage weekend course. He enjoyed the course, we talked a bit after the course and he showed a lot of interest. Not knowing yet, how much change a massage course would make to him…

Finally sleeping 8 hours straight

The next day we got his email saying he was soooo happy, he slept 8 hours straight in one night, while he had been suffering from insomnia for many years. He did not even remember how it must feel to wake up in the morning wide-awake, totally rested, with lots of energy.

We were very surprised to see what 1 weekend had done to him. Yes, of course, we know that during our massage courses participants practice on each other and therefore experience the benefits of massage. However, this result was enormous.

So, he came back, followed more courses, and is now a massage therapist with a very nice massage salon offering various massage treatments. We are super happy how all this has been working out for him.

What do you think? Do you sleep well? Let us know…

Create a happy, healthy and stress-free day. With a good night sleep!

Manel & Nicole

Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

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