Online Course Abdominal Therapy Massage


What is Abdominal Therapy Massage?

Abdominal Therapeutic massage (Traditional Taoist massage called Chi Nei Tsang) directly massages the internal organs, unlike most massage techniques using indirect methods in contact with the internal organs. Oriental medicine states that the cause of disease is often found in the internal organs, and the massage techniques of Abdominal Therapeutic massage help proper functioning of the internal organs. This medicine helps in relieving constipation, cramps, knots, lumps, scar tissue, headaches, menstrual cramps, poor circulation, infertility and many other problems.

Prerequisite: None

Course Content:

Learn to give an effective Abdominal Therapeutic massage (Chi Nei Tsang), starting to massage over the clothes on the table or mat through acupressure to improve the blood circulation and to loosen up the belly as well. Followed by a deep massage over the abdomen with oil and hot herbal compress which has anti-inflammatory properties. Then the client is given advice to massage the organs him/herself at home to work towards recovery.

During this course you’ll learn massage treatments for:

  • Pain in the Legs
  • Abdominal Pain from Stress
  • Digestion Problems
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Menstruation Cramps
  • Depression
  • Burn-out
  • Stress
  • Abdominal Tension
  • Chest Tension
  • Respiratory Problems

You can follow the online course…

  • Where you like, because you only need internet connection
  • When you like, because you have direct access and can start when you like
  • As many times as you like, because you have 1 year access


  • You can study the course in your own rhythm, pause the videos when needed
  • It is cheaper than following the course in the school, because you don’t need to come to us, no spending of fuel, parking tickets, train tickets, baby-sitters, no spending repeat-fee, and no private lessons fee
  • It is convenient, no need to cycle through the rain and wind 
  • You don’t miss lessons anymore in case of illness, because you can follow all the lessons online at your own convenient time


  • You don’t have to wait until the course starts in the school’s schedule, you can just follow the course directly now and repeat the course as many times as you like, without extra costs in the time that suits you.

In this online course we teach you in different videos how to massage all the positions in the Abdominal Therapy Massage book. And we will also give you the book. Plus, when explaining the positions, the corresponding picture from the book appears on the corner on your screen, so you can follow the teacher easily. All the course material you will receive at once, so you can study in your own pace.

After completion of the course you…

  • Have a profound basic knowledge of the most important positions of Abdominal Therapy Massage
  • Will be able to perform an effective 1 to 2 hours Abdominal Therapy massage (Chi Nei Tsang) to relieve toxins and blockages of the internal organs.

Investment: 750 euro


  • All course costs
  • Direct access – you can start today!
  • Didactic materials


  • Exam
  • International certification

After the course you have the possibility to schedule the practical exam in our school. After graduation you will receive an internationally recognized certification. This is optional, and costs 90 euro.

FREE Bonuses:

  • Massage music – to practice your treatments on
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology

=> If you enroll now, you can start today if you like!

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