The Massage Therapy Method for Anxiety is an effective – and easy to learn – massage treatment for couples and parents, who like to manaage their anxiety and make themselves and their partner stress-free within minutes.

Prerequisite: None

After this course you’ll know how to reduce:


  • Cortisol (the ‘stress hormone) and tensions in the feet and balancing the nerve system, by massaging the nerve endings on the feet


  • Digestion problems related to stress/anxiety and increase serotonin levels (the ‘happy hormone’) by abdominal massage


  • Chest pain and respiratory problems, related to the fast and shallow breathing caused by anxiety


  • Back pain, shoulder pain and mental disorders


  • Neck pain and headache related to anxiety and stress


Course Content We have created this digital course for you! We used exactly the massage that made us feel less anxiety. And we want you to feel the same: Sleep better, be fitter, happier, healthier, and have a great stress-free relationship with your loved ones, by following this – easy to learn – massage therapy. IMAGINE what it would be like if … 🗸 You are able to make yourself AND your partner totally relaxed within some minutes. 🗸 Your minds are peaceful, like in meditation state. 🗸 Every time you feel stressed, your partner knows how to relax your muscles, and vice versa. 🗸 You both know how to reduce anxiety. 🗸 You can be a balanced, fit, relaxed partner/parent totally rested after a good night sleep. 🗸 You reduce your digestion problems, your headaches, without medications, but by massage. 🗸 You had the skills that helps you and your partner sleep better, become happier, healthier and stress-free? You can follow this online course…

  • Where you like, because you only need internet connection
  • When you like, because you have direct access and can start when you like
  • As many times as you like, because you have 1 year access

Direct access – you can start today!

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