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Nice that you like to do the online exam. Follow the steps to pay. After payment you receive an e-mail with more information. Please note:

  • You will give a massage following the whole book (if you do the exam for Nuad Bo Rarn Thai yoga massage, you only massage 1 side, but if you do another exam, you do the whole book).
  • You can keep the book next to you, but do not look at it all the time.
  • Don’t forget to have your five case studies ready, and filled in by the people you’ve massaged! This is only for yourself, so the comments of your friends / family are there to learn from for yourself, so they are not included in the exam. You find the case study forms here: Log-in to www.thai-hand-academy.com, click ‘ start here’ and click on E-book ‘practical information’ to get the case studies.
  • Find a model on which you will do the exam.

Have a nice day!

Create a healthy day, Nicole & Manel

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