Exam Online

Nice that you like to do the online exam. Follow the steps to pay. After payment you receive an e-mail with more information.

Please note:

For online exams, please do the exam the same as if you would do it with us at the school.

Don’t forget to have your five case studies ready, and filled in by the people you’ve massaged! We do look at your case studies for the exam, however the comments of your friends / family are there to learn from for yourself, so nothing is wrong, let them fill in the truth so you can learn from it. The outcome of the comments are not included in the exam, we just need to see that you have done the case studies. You find the case study forms here: Log-in to www.thai-hand-academy.com, click ‘ start here’ and click on E-book ‘practical information’ to get the case studies.

Here are the steps for online exams:

1. Have your 5 case studies per exam ready and scanned in to send to us.

2. Find a model on which you will do the exam.

3. Have your model filled in the registration form (just to be sure, it is for yourself but you want to be safe)

4. Have a camera ready to film your exam (do some trials first to be sure the camera can record the part you massage, so we can see what you do)

5. Start the camera to record and massage your model

  • You will give a massage following the whole book (if you do the exam for Nuad Bo Rarn Thai yoga massage, you only massage 1 side (so when you are ready to start massaging the legs and arms, you do only one leg, and one arm, the rest of the massage as following the book), but if you do another exam, you do the whole book).
  • You can keep the book next to you, but do not look at it all the time, the massage treatment needs to be a good flow for the person who receives it.
  • Here’s a trick which you can use, to make it easier for you: Make an outline of the massage, print it on a paper and have that paper next to you, rather than the whole book, so you can glance at it while you are doing the exam.

6. Send your recorded exam plus the 5 case studies to info@thai-hand.com. Best way to send this is by wetransfer.com (this is a free tool) because the files can be too heavy for the email.

Good luck!

Have a nice day!

Create a healthy day, Nicole & Manel