are you interested in the nuad thai massage program, but Want to try it out first ?

This is for you:


7 days trial online Nuad Thai Massage Program

€ 29

(incl VAT)

What’s included in the 7 days trial online Nuad Thai Massage Program?


Nuad Thai Massage on the Mat
(Level 1: Foundation of Thai Massage)

* Lesson 1


Nuad Thai Massage on the Mat
(Level 2: Intermediate Thai Massage)

* Lesson 1


Nuad Thai Table Massage

* Lesson 1


Nuad Thai Chair Massage

* Lesson 1


Nuad Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

* Lesson 1


Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage

* Lesson 1


Basic Anatomy for Nuad Thai Massage

Check out these extra classes:

#1 Bonus
Reduce Stress

#2 Bonus
Eliminate Pain

#3 Bonus
Become Happier

Frequently asked questions

I’m new to massage is this for me?

Yes. You don’t need any experience for this program. We guide you step-by step.

What massage equipment do I need?

You don’t need any special equipment for this massage. Comfortable clothes and a mat to lie on is enough. A thin mattress, yoga mat or thick blanket will work. Moreover you can use a massage chair or an ordinary kitchen chair.

How is the program content delivered?
The content all sits on one private portal online at There are videos and PDF downloadables. You can watch, listen or read – or all 3.
What happens after the 7 days of trial?
This is for you if you like to try-out our Nuad Thai Massage Program. You can check out the materials and if you like the program, you can join the full program after the 7 days trial. If you don’t like to join, no worries, your access stops after your 7 days trial. There are no extra charges.
What if I have more questions?
No problem. Email and our team will answer them.

Looking forward seeing you inside the Nuad Thai Massage Program!

Nicole & Manel
founders of Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is the first International Training Massage School in Europe. The only certified & internationally recognized Traditional Thai Massage School in the Netherlands. We teach online and in our school. Lessons are in English. For beginners & professionals

It is our mission to make as many people healthier & happier through massage. Our unique way of teaching ensures that you experience the health benefits of massage yourself as well during our lessons.

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