My kids walk over me

How to get a free massage?

This is one of the questions many people ask us. They would love to get a massage treatment, but they find it too expensive. Well, if you like to integrate massage in your daily life it does not have to be so complicated.


Teach your kids massage

Recipe for Free quick fix massage: Do you have small kids? Teach them how to walk over you and there is your free massage!


Back massage by your kid

After a bad night sleep, I just ask our kids to walk over me. I lay on my belly, and our 4-year old walks on the sole of my feet, then over the calves (of course he knows that he cannot walk on the back of the knees, that would create injuries in the knee joints), then on my butt, then on my back, following the spine (he walks along the spine, of course not on the vertebrae) to the top corner of the scapula.


Super easy

You can ask your kid to walk very slow, benefiting most of the massage. It sounds super easy and it is! Just teach your kid to walk the way I just wrote: avoid walking on the spine and back of the knees to avoid injuries. And… you are fixed to start the day!

Create a healthy and happy day!

Nicole (& Manel)

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