Revolutionizing Massage Therapy:

Manel's Vision at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

Introduction: A Journey into Massage

Manel Luque Aguilera, founder of ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam, embarked on a transformative journey in 2008 studying professional courses in nuad thai massage.

His passion for massage therapy would later lead to a groundbreaking approach to wellness.

Inspiration from Tradition: The VAK System

Inspired by traditional teaching methods from ITM Chiang Mai, Manel adopted the VAK system – a blend of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. This method, used for teaching massage courses, became the foundation of Manel’s mission to make massage therapy accessible to everyone.

A workshop for 80 students

Workshops and Beyond: Extending Benefits to the Community

From 2009 to 2017, ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam conducted workshops introducing beginners to nuad thai massage using the VAK system.

In 2017, Manel envisioned extending the benefits of regular massage to the wider community.

In-depth Exploration: Understanding Functional Movements

Manel immersed himself in the details of physiology, biology, and anatomy related to functional movements.

His goal was to identify the optimal daily massage routine that could benefit individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Revolutionary Integration: The VAK System in Daily Massage

Years of research led to a revolutionary concept – integrating the VAK system into daily massage treatments. Manel became the first person globally to apply this system not just to massage students but to the general public, offering a structured approach to nuad thai massage without prior training.

Democratizing Massage: Affordable Daily Treatments

Challenging the traditional model of monthly high-priced massages, Manel created a unique structure at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam.

This allowed individuals to receive affordable daily massages without contracts or prior training, opening doors to all.

Innovation Unveiled: Thai Hand Massage Classes

And so, the Thai Hand Massage Classes were born: a class in which participants receive 30 minutes of massage and give 30 minutes of massage under the guidance of the teacher, without prior knowledge.

This unique approach ensures that individuals can experience the benefits of both giving and receiving Nuad Thai Massage, benefiting both the giver and the receiver.

Nuad Thai Massage as a Lifestyle: Daily Integration

Manel believes that Nuad Thai Massage is a lifestyle, like yoga, and should be integrated into daily routines for maximum health benefits.

Guided Classes for All: Catering to Varying Experience Levels

The three different classes at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam – called Thai Hand Massage Classes – cater to varying levels of experience, ensuring individuals can give and receive massages under expert guidance.

Manel’s innovative approach democratizes massage therapy and paves the way for a future where regular massage becomes a norm rather than a luxury.

Thai Hand Classes: The new massage therapy

Manel Luque Aguilera’s story is one of unwavering dedication, innovation, and a commitment to making the profound benefits of Nuad Thai Massage accessible to all. His classes – called Thai Hand Massage Classes – stand as a testament to the belief that massage is not just an occasional treat but an integral part of a holistic and daily approach to well-being.

Welcome to the future of massage therapy: Thai Hand Massage Classes – crafted by Manel’s pioneering spirit at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam.


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