Make yourself AND your partner happier, healthier and stress-free

That you and your partner feel totally relaxed and happy.

Because you know how to reduce stress instantly. You know how to eliminate pain, such as headache, back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders. You are able to combat burnout and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). You have the know-how to become happier and sleep better!
And all of that in only a few months time.

Ready for a powerful transformation?

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Are you stressed, experience difficulties sleeping and have stiff shoulders, neck or back pain?

Are you stressed-out most of the time? Do you ever think: I wish I was more relaxed? Do you recognize yourself in one of the following? You work hard and feel very stressed. You sometimes think: if I continue like this, I am bound to have a burnout. Or you already have a burnout, RSI complaints, headaches or back pain.

Like to help others?

You want to mean more to others and contribute in a way that fulfills you. You want to help others.

Want to be stress-free?

You are stressed-out most of the time and want to feel relaxed. You want your pain and discomfort to disappear: no more stiff shoulders, headaches, RSI, back pain …

No more neck pain?

You over-think a lot and want to calm your thoughts and mind. You want to sleep better, wake up in the morning totally relaxed. You want to help your friends / family with their health problems and stress-level. You are a (physio)therapist or yoga teacher and want to expand your services – but you do not really know how. You want to boost your immune system – instead of always having a cold.

No stiff shoulders anymore?

You are ready to take action now. You know, understand and feel that your current situation no longer works for you. You tried various things to change your lifestyle and improve your health and well-being. However: You still feel too much stress and wish to be more relaxed.

Sleep better?

You want to change your life, be more active, sleep better – but HOW? You wish you were able to help yourself and others get rid of stress, headache, back pain, stiff shoulders, neck pain and more…

You often feel annoyed and upset that you have not been able to transform your life yet.
Don’t worry.

Let me show you what is possible. What life can look like for you. How good it can be and feel.

Become pain-free?

There is a way to make yourself AND your partner instantly relaxed, stress-free, pain-free, happier and sleep better. Without huge investments. Without spending an extensive period of time in training.

Learn the secret of becoming healthier, happier and stress-free. Learn Nuad Thai Massage!


Having a skill that makes you instantly relaxed. Having a healthier life through helping yourself and others. Being headache and migraine free for the rest of your life. No more back pain, stiff shoulders or RSI. Relieving your friends’, family’s and acquaintance’s neck tension – within 5 minutes.

Happier, healthier and stress-free in just a couple of months

Relieving your friends’ and family’s stress-level, headaches and back pain. Having a better immune system, so you are less prone to illness. Sleeping better, so you wake up relaxed. Being truly appreciated for your skill, every day- that is such an energy boost! Feeling fitter than ever, even at the end of a work day. A flexible body and strong muscles, thanks to your new skill. How does that feel?

Take action now

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Create a happy, healthy and stress-free day. And stay safe!

Manel & Nicole

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

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