Love receiving massage? Like to practice Yoga and Meditation? Then Life Balance might just be what you’re looking for.

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Complete relaxation

Becoming stress-free

Practicing yoga


Giving and receiving massage

For beginners & advanced

What is Life Balance?

Receive a 45 minutes Thai Yoga massage, based on acupressure and stretching

Then you’ll switch and you’ll be giving your fellow student a 45 minutes massage, following the guidance of the teacher

Participants gave this class 



Participants massage each other

We move as a group

The massage is fully-clothed

What to expect?

Under the guidance of the teacher you’ll give a Thai yoga massage, based on acupressure and stretches. We start at the feet, then legs, back, arms, shoulders, neck and head

Then we’ll switch, and you’ll receive the same massage by a participant

 While giving the massage you will be moving in yoga-like positions with Tai Chi movements, giving acupressure with thumbs, palms, fingers and feet to a participant over the clothes on a mat

You will experience total meditation and relaxation

Plus when you receive the massage from another participant you will experience the health benefits of Thai yoga massage yourself

Benefits of Life Balance:

A Life Balance class…

Reduces stress – by reducing the level of cortisol in your body

Gives you a relaxed mind – by being in total meditation during the class

Makes you happier – by increasing endorphin, the happy hormone

Increases your flexibility – because by giving and receiving massage you are moving in yoga-stretches





Very relaxing and comfortable

Salim Kania

Supercool! What a gift. Receiving massage and learning how to give one

Lobke Hartog

I felt totally relaxed and stress-free. So nice to finally think about nothing during a whole class, my mind was in peace.






Absolutely amazing! You will be full of energy for the rest of your day!

Eugenia Kis

I’ve done several courses at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam. By repeating the courses I can keep practicing and learn a lot too. I’m glad Life Balance classes exist, so I can practice more on location

Mapy van Boven

Important notes:

Please wear clean socks, a shirt with long sleeves, and long sports pants in which you can move freely

Are you new at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam? Make sure to come at least 20 minutes in advance for registration and a short introduction by the teacher

Please note: The door opens 20 minutes before the start of the lesson to register and change, and closes at the start of the lesson, so everyone can fully enjoy the course without interruptions

Participants should be able to sit on their kneess

See you soon on the massage mat!


You may still have certain questions. In the course of time we have collected the most frequently asked questions about our Life Balance class. Please see our FAQ list below.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring comfortable clothes in which you can move freely (like long sports trousers and a t-shirt with long sleeves and clean socks).

It is my first time, what can I expect?
  • Preparation:

Please bring comfortable clothes in which you can move freely (like long sports trousers and a t-shirt with long sleeves and clean socks).

  • Arrival:

Please arrive 20 minutes before if it is your first time for registration.

Once you arrive at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam, you will be asked to fill out an intake form to record any relevant medical history, injuries or physical conditions we should be aware of.

  • Intake:

The teacher will talk with you about your medical conditions, and you decide together if adjustments should be made for your.

Please be aware that you should be able to sit on your knees during the class. And be aware that we practice as a group, so in the case of injuries we advice you book a massage treatment (you will then be massaged by a certified massage therapist, rather than by another participant as during Life Balance class).

  • Change clothes:

In the dressing room, you can then change yourself into appropriate clothes for the Life Balance class.

  • During the Life Balance class:

You will benefit the most from the Life Balance class if you close your eyes and relax during the time you get the massage. The participant of Life Balance will be at all times adjusting the pressure of the massage to soft, medium or hard, while following the teacher.

When you give the massage, just watch the teacher and follow. Try to be in meditation, we practice as a group during Life Balance. We also have workshops and courses in which we teach the positions, the use of bodyweight, contra-indications and indications and then there is time for questions. Life Balance is focussed on the experience of massage, rather than learning how to give a proper massage.

  • After the Life Balance class:

After the Life Balance class, you might have been feeling like you have slept several hours. This is a very common feeling. You can also experience a bit of muscle pain if it is your first class. The more you practice massage, the easier it will be.

Realize that the benefits of massage tend to be cumulative, so typically, you will feel better as you get additional Life Balance classes.

I am pregnant, can I join a Life Balance Class?

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! If you wish to get a massage during your pregnancy your best option is to go to a therapist specialized in pregnancy massage. Life Balance is not suitable for pregnant women, since we move as a group and we cannot adjust the massage individually. We, therefore, advise you to look elsewhere and come back to us after delivery. As a new-mother we are sure you would love our Life Balance class and it is a very good idea for mothers of young children to treat themselves to massage class to stay fit and healthy. In the meanwhile, enjoy your pregnancy and soon your newborn!

I cannot sit on my knees, can I join a Life Balance Class?

For Life Balance class it is important that you are able to sit on your knees. If you have an injury on your knees, we advice you to book a Massage Treatment instead, to treat your knee problem, before taking part of Life Balance.

Can anyone join a Life Balance Class?

Life Balance class is a Thai yoga massage class in which you receive 45 minutes massage and give 45 minutes massage under the guidance of the teacher. Since we move as a group, we cannot adjust the massage to individual needs. If you have an injury or medical condition we advice you to take a massage treatment first, because only then you will be treated by a certified massage therapist who can adjust the massage to your individual needs.

How can I expect to feel after a Life Balance Class?

How you feel after a Life Balance class, can differ from person to person and from time to time. We hear various comments after someone received and gave a Thai Yoga Massage during Life Balance class.

Here are some: ‘super relaxed’, ‘it was a bit painful sometimes, but now I feel much better than before the massage’, ‘I feel that I have been sleeping for many hours’, ‘a total deep meditation, finally I stopped worrying’, ‘I feel super energized!’

If you have never done yoga before and are not practicing sports, you might feel some muscle pain after Life Balance class. This is totally normal. The more you practice the more flexible and stronger your muscles will be, until one day there is no muscle pain and the class feels like a meditation and healing treatment.

If you already have some muscle tension or stress, the Life Balance class can feel somewhat painful at some points, because we are working on treating your ailment and de-stressing. So after the Life Balance class you should feel much better and the pain of the ailment has reduced.

If you are stressed, you might feel very relieved, happy and relaxed after the Life Balance class.

Just keep your body hydrated after the class by drinking enough water or tea and don’t plan a heavy work-out directly after Life Balance class.

We follow the Covid-19 protocol to stay safe
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