Welcome at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam!

You might think, am I in the right place and what shall I do? Let us help you in your decision. First of all, let’s check if you are in the right place

You might recognize yourself in some of the reasons why our over 10,000 students choose for ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam:

  • You work long hours with your computer in your current job and want something different
  • You are experiencing stress and want to be more relaxed
  • You want to get rid of your complaints, such as stiff shoulders, headache, back pain, rsi etc.
  • You have burn-out complaints and want to get rid of it
  • You often have a lot on your mind and want to become a little lighter
  • You have travelled in Asia and experienced the great health results of massage
  • You often think: I wish I had more time for fun
  • You would like to help your friends / relatives with their health problems and stress
  • You are a (fysio) therapist and like to increase your knowledge
  • You want a better immune system and not always have a cold
  • You would like to have a new career

Wouldn’t it be great if you …

  • would be stress free?
  • headache / migraine free?
  • had no back pain, stiff shoulders and rsi anymore?
  • had no burnout anymore?
  • had a new career?
  • could dissolve your friends’ and family’s stiff neck within 5 minutes?
  • could relieve your friends and relatives of their stress, headache and back problems?
  • did have more time for fun?
  • did have a lot of fun in your work?