How to really fight back pain?

How to really fight back pain? Read the real reason of back pain and how to fight it!

Back pain?

You are not the only one. Millions of people have back pain nowadays. It is one of the most common ailments for a doctor’s visit worldwide. It is the leading cause of disability and 80 % of the people will suffer from back pain once in their lives.

So you are not alone. But, what to do?


There are also many solutions offered. But are they helping? Maybe for a short period of time, but in the long run? Do these solutions solve your back pain? Researchers say that most solutions don’t solve the problem, because they don’t treat the cause. But what can?

Here is to the real reason of back pain and how to fight it.

But first…

You are an easy target

You probably have seen ads on TV, Facebook and Instagram for back pain solutions. There are a lot of companies that are only looking at the most regular ailments and then invent products to sell. You can buy them from 20 euro to about 90 euro.

You see advertisements about back supports that you have to put on your knees to have a straighter back or a back supports that you have to wear like a bra to keep your back straight. And there are many variations.


These back pain supports have not been medically tested. There is no scientific proof that it works. However, tons of people are buying these products. Of course if you believe in it, it works for you like a placebo, we would also suggest to use it. But we find it sad to see that people with back problems are such an easy target to buy products they don’t really need.

The cause of your back pain

We believe it is better to see what is the cause of back pain. If you have severe back pain, please go to see your physician. However the most common back pain is lower back pain, caused by strain or tension.


If this is your case, and you sit a lot, then we believe sitting can be the problem. Because when you sit, you don’t move. And when you don’t move, you loose muscle tone and bone mass. Because you don’t use your muscles enough.


Besides lack of movement, stress can also be a trigger for lower back pain. Being stressed or anxious leads to muscle tension by causing blood vessels to narrow. Therefore, reducing blood flow and oxygen to the body’s tissues. This leads to a build-up of waste products, which cause the muscles to spasm or contract.

Being under constant stress causes the muscles to tighten and shorten, triggering pain, often in the neck and back.

Why you feel pain

So why you feel pain? For example, when you sit a lot, you have tight hamstrings, the muscles down the back of your thigh. A tight muscle can be dense, hard and may pinch the nerve and therefore you feel pain. Maybe you can sense these hard little knots in your hamstring or lower back yourself.

When you press on it, it feels like a little ball, it is harder than the other parts of the muscle.


So density in the tissue of the muscle causes less blood circulation. Therefore it is important to have flexible muscles next to the spine and hamstrings, to prevent density, and so to prevent back pain.


Next time when you have back pain, move…

Try to go for a walk, do yoga or take a massage treatment. Your body needs to work on breaking the density of the tissue so it will not pinch the nerve anymore. This can be done by better blood circulation and heating, the effects you can create by massage.

Moreover, the best is to work on the flexibility of the muscles, good blood circulation, and a healthy cortisol level. With mild exercise, your body is doing all that by itself.

Painkiller or not?

And remember, of course you can take a painkiller when you have severe back pain, but it is better to look at the cause. Painkillers work only temporarily, be careful to get depended on them. And did you know, a massage works the same as a painkiller, without any side effects?

Wishing you a back pain free life!

Nicole & Manel

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