How massage relaxes

If you ever received a good Nuad Thai Massage you will probably know this feeling.

But if you never had one, I will try to explain what it is like. Of course it is better is you experience it yourself, but I will do my best in explaining.

It is a bit like this…

It actually happened not long ago and I decided to write down what I felt.

That day I was so stressed.
We had just put the kids in bed.
I felt super stressed.
I could almost cry.

It was just not a good day, we had received some bad news. Then Manel said: Shall I give you a massage?

He was tired as well, but just gave me a super basic Nuad Thai massage over the clothes, while I lay on a mat.

And this is what happened…

Within some minutes …
I felt the stress leaving my body.

Well you know, that is the cortisol decreasing.

And I felt a warm blanket of peace and happiness arriving.
Well, you know this is what you feel when the endorphins are increasing.

My muscles relaxed immediately.
Heart rate went back to normal.
Breathing slowed down.
My mind became empty.
I felt in meditation state.


And the funny thing was: so did Manel. After the massage Manel told me, he also felt much better than before. Just by giving the massage!

Manel was in meditation state during the massage he gave to me. Since he was so focused on making me relaxed, his mind was not wandering off. He was just thinking about the acupressure and stretching massage he was giving me. Moreover, he was not only maneuvering me in yoga-like stretches, but he too was moving in yoga-positions.

And he told me afterwards ‘Thinking of being able to make you relax by giving you a massage, made me feel compassionate. It made me happy to know that I was helping you.’

So by just giving the massage, his stress-chemicals decreased and his serotonin and endorphin levels increased. Giving the massage made him happy and relaxed.

Of course we know this, that Nuad Thai Massage has benefits for both the masseur and the one who receives the massage. However, being aware of the relaxation effects of the massage for both, and writing this down to analyze the benefits ourselves, made us remember how powerful this massage technique is.

Our wish

Why we share this with you?

We wish everyone can experience this.

Well, you can actually. If you are interested you can of course contact us.

Create a healthy, happy and stress-free day!

Nicole & Manel
ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

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