How Massage Improves the Immune System

We all know what eating healthy and getting enough sleep can do for your immune system. But did you know that massage treatments improve your immune system? In this article, we will explain to you how massage improves the immune system.

Fight against viruses and bacteria

What is the immune system?

Before we show you how massage improves the immune system, let’s first talk about what the immune system actually is. When we are talking about the immune system, we talk about the system that is most involved in the capacity to fight against bacteria and diseases. This is the lymphatic system. A system of thin tubes and lymph nodes that run throughout our body. These tubes are called lymph vessels or lymphatic vessels.

Fighting against bacteria

The lymphatic system contains the immune cells – macrophages and cells group B and group T lymphocytes. Those cells are called white blood cells. And they are important when you have a virus or a bacteria inside of your body, like if you have a cold. Because these are the cells that fight against those viruses and bacteria.

white blood cells

The lymphatic system

Before we explain how massage improves the immune system, we need to have a bit of knowledge of anatomy. So let’s take a minute to find out how our body works…

We can consider the lymphatic system as a kind of shadow of the circulatory system. The lymph vessels branch through all parts of the body like the arteries and veins from the circulatory system that carries blood. However, the lymphatic system tubes are much finer and carry a colorless liquid called lymph.

So how does it work?

Well, as the blood circulates around the body, fluid leaks out from the blood vessels into the body tissues. This fluid carries nutrients to the cells. Plus it bathes the body tissues to form tissue fluid. The fluid then collects waste products, bacteria, and damaged cells. After the collection of waste, the fluid drains into the lymph vessels.

How massage improves the immune system

Filtering out bacteria

From the lymph vessels, the fluid, which now is called lymph, flows into the lymph glands. These lymph glands then filter out any bacteria and damaged cells.

From the lymph glands, the lymph moves into larger lymphatic vessels. Then the lymph follows its journey to the base of the neck (called the thoracic duct). And last but not least, this thoracic duct then empties the lymph back into the blood circulation. And the process starts all over.

 Improve your immune system by massage

Clean lymph

Because of all this filtering of the waste, the lymph is now cleaner. So the capacity of your immune system to fight against bacteria or viruses is stronger.

Pretty amazing system isn’t it?

Movement of lymph

So after explaining about the lymphatic system, you now understand that your white blood cells are fighting against bacteria and viruses. These white blood cells are part of the lymph.

This is what a virus looks like

One problem

There is only one issue….

This amazing system is only working when the lymph is moving. And lymph does not move by itself. Because lymph only moves by movement. So your body needs to move.

The secret of a good immunity system

So if only by moving your white blood cells can fight against bacteria. Then we can now say the secret of a good immune system is moving.

No motor

So why does lymph not move by itself? Well, when we take a look at the circulatory system, we see the heart. The heart that pumps the blood everywhere through our body. Within the lymphatic system, we don’t have this motor. In this lymphatic system, we don’t have a heart that pumps the lymph.

 Blood circulation


The lymph only moves for example when you breathe. When you breathe in and out you move lymph. And when you walk. And when you move your arms, your legs you move lymph. In general terms, by movement, you improve the capacity of your immune system.

Or you will die

So now we know lymph needs to move because lymph needs to be filtered. Lymph also carries waste. And this waste needs to be filtered by the lymphatic nodes.

When lymph does not move, you get problems of retention of liquids. Some people get big arms or legs. You can easily get an infection. Actually, you will die when you don’t move.

 Life Balance class

Massage is movement

So again to improve your immune system, you need to move. So you can do sports or… you can get a massage treatment. Because massage is movement.

By the way, movement is also good for blood circulation. Because blood circulation plays a very important role in improving the capacity of the immune system. Because blood gives nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

When we talk about movement and massage, we use the technique of Traditional Thai Massage. Within Traditional Thai Massage, both masseur and receiver are moving. We use stretches. Which is movement. And we use acupressure which is also movement. By receiving this kind of massage treatment, the massage therapist is stimulating the movement of your lymph. So your immunity system improves.

stimulate movement of lymph by weekly massage

Massage when sick?

As massage improves your immune system, you need to get massaged to improve your immune system. However, when you already have a fever, have an infection, then you should avoid massage. The best thing is to rest until you are better.

Prevent illnesses

So just get a massage treatment to improve your immune system, to prevent to get sick. And when you have been sick, you are recovered and have no fever anymore. Then you can start to receive massage treatments again to improve your immune system again.

So we hope it is clear. This was our explanation about the secret of a better immune system. Movement! So why massage improves the immune system. And why you should get a regular massage to become healthier. Take care!

Create a healthy day,

Nicole & Manel

Massage improves your health

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