How massage helps us during the Covid problem


Sleep deprived nights?

Stiff shoulders, back pain, headache?

Feeling less happy than before?

In one way or another, we all experience the same type of situation since the Covid problem. We did too. Until we realized that we could change all this, by using one thing.

Of course we know already for years how we can reduce stress, eliminate pain (such as headache, back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders, and more), make you happier, sleep better and even help saving money.

However, as millions of other people in the world we were suddenly effected by the Covid problem. We found ourselves being stressed, having back pain and bad nights of sleep. We forgot about the skills we have.

Until that one day, when everything changed.

That day we were both super stressed and we decided to give each other a massage.


Within only a couple of minutes we felt our muscles became softer, our heads became clear, our breaths became slower. Within some minutes we felt both in total meditation, from receiving the massage but even from giving the massage. 

Of course, we have been teaching massage to over 10.000 people during the past 12 years. So we knew.

But in the heat of the moment we totally forgot to use the skills we have.

From that day on, we decided to massage each other daily. This was easy to implement since for the first time in 12 years we had to close the massage school, so we were home anyway because of the Covid problem.

We immediately felt the result of receiving and giving massage frequently.

During the coming weeks we re-discovered how we were able to make each other relaxed instantly by massage. We eliminated each others pains. One day Nicole had a stiff neck (after making a wrong movement while playing with our son), and Manel was able to fix that within a couple of minutes. We had stiff shoulders, pain in the back and digestion problems due to lack of movement – and we were able to eliminate all that by giving massage to each other.

During the lockdown period we also received many emails from our students asking when our school could be open again, because they missed the massage so much. We decided to make free online massage classes.

From then on we received so many enthusiastic emails from participants that joined the online classes on how they made their partners and themselves happier, healthier and stress-free.

Since then we have worked on creating a program with the best massage techniques so everyone can make themselves and their partner happier, healthier and stress-free. Without years of study. Without traveling. Just in 6 months. From home.

 Click here if you like to discover more about the program.

Create a happy, healthy and stress-free day. And stay safe!

Manel & Nicole

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

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