How massage helps to recover faster from injuries

Today we like to explain to you why massage helps you to recover faster from injuries. Why is that?


Twisted ankle?

Well, let’s say I am twisting my ankle. What shall I do? I am walking somewhere, and I am turning my ankle. Is it right to get a massage right away?

The answer depends on the state of the tissue of the twisted ankle. If I have an inflammatory process, I cannot receive a massage.
But if I twist the ankle without breaking any ligament, or muscle tissue and there is no inflammation, then a massage will be beneficial.


Massage is beneficial

The massage will help to improve blood circulation towards the area that is over-stretched. Improvement of circulation to this area helps to recover faster from the injury.


Yes, but how does that work?

Connective tissue is the primary transportation system in our body. Blood and lymph are considered as connective tissue because both are made by cells. White and red blood cells produce blood. And we have the extracellular matrix; the plasma.

In blood, we find everything that the cell needs. The red blood cells provide Oxygen and nutrients with different particles. Onto the plasma of the blood, the Oxygen and nutrients go to the cells. They need this to make homeostasis, that will help to recover faster from an injury.


Improve blood circulation

So let’s say that with an improvement of circulation on the affected area, without any breaking of tissue, we are giving to the cells everything the cells need to create this type of recovery. So everything works better.

So if I twist my ankle, I should not get a massage when it is swollen. When it is thick, I should use cold therapy first. If I twist my ankle, I need to check first with my other ankle. If I turn my right ankle, I check with my left ankle. If both ankles are the same, I check with my observation; then I can get a massage.


Massage where?

But then, how does it work? Where do I get the massage? On the affected area?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that traditional Thai Medicine is based on the concept that everything in the body is connected. We can see this in the physiology of the human body.

Therefore when I twisted my ankle, without inflammation, I get a whole body massage. And of course on this treatment, let’s say a 1-hour therapy, it will be focussed mainly 20 to 30 minutes on the entire area of the leg of the twisted ankle. However, the other leg will be massaged too, plus the rest of the body including arms and hands. Traditional Thai therapy is based on massaging the whole body.


Swollen ankle?

Do you have a swollen ankle? Then wait until the inflammation is over and use cold therapy. For example, a cold balm to help to reduce the swelling. When it decreases, massage will still have a significant impact in recovering faster from the injury.

Just a side note: If I am not sure if the twisting is severe, I always go first to a doctor or physiotherapist. Before taking a massage.


How many?

So the question is, how many times do I have to get the massage?

Not every day. In Thai Therapy Massage we do it as follows: We usually give a one hour therapeutic massage when the customer comes for the first time. After three days, we will provide another therapeutic massage, only if the client still has pain. And if needed we will do the third therapeutic massage treatment seven days after the second massage treatment.

If there is still pain after these three treatments, we will start another three therapeutic massage treatments with the same schedule. We do this until the customer does not have pain anymore.


What injuries?

There has been scientific research about the benefits of massage with injuries. A hospital did one of the studies focused on knee injuries. Massage therapy treatment has shown a significant impact. The patients that got a massage recovered faster than those who were not treated by massage therapy.

By the way, this time we spoke about a twisted ankle, but of course we have many examples of injuries that people have when they come to get therapeutic massage treatments. Like frozen shoulder, arthritis, problems in the knee and many more. We have for example a lot of dancers that come with knee problems to us. Or yoga teachers with hamstring problems. And people who get injuries from work, sports or sitting too much.


In short

When you have an injury, and you have inflammation, you should not get massage directly. When you have an injury without inflammation, do receive a massage treatment so you can recover faster from the injury. So if you know anyone who likes to recover faster from his/her injury, recommend them a massage treatment.

Create a healthy day,

Nicole & Manel


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