Helping others becoming healthier from home

We just had to make a difficult decision but we are happy to let you know we found a solution to still help you to improve your immune system at home.

Are you one of the millions of people who are usually living their normal lives, bringing kids to school, go to work, meeting people, go to the gym, do yoga, eat out or going to the supermarket… but are now staying at home? Are you taking care of yourself and your loved ones? Trying to sleep well, take extra vitamin C, being extra aware of your immune system? Plus avoiding social interaction?

Well, you are not the only one.

We too had to make the difficult decision to close the doors of the massage school in Amsterdam until 1t of July, because of the Corona virus. Despite the various hygiene measures that we have already taken lately, it still seems wiser to temporarily stop all lessons and treatments in our school. We follow the advice of the government.

We have to stay home with our kids too, who cannot go to school because the schools are closed here in the Netherlands.

However, we have many requests from people who like to book a massage treatment and our massage lessons for the coming weeks were fully booked. Especially knowing that massage improves your immune system, something so important these days.

Closing our massage location was a difficult decision because we like to help making others healthier and stress-free by massage.

As massage teachers, we are lucky that we have massage knowledge already, so we are able to give each other, plus our kids, massage treatments from home.

Since we know how well it works for us, we love to give you the same opportunity that we have. It is our mission to help as many people as we can to improve their immune system by massage. Are you joining our mission?

If you are registered for a course you directly got all the lessons online as well, so you can practice at home. We postpone the courses when everything is back to normal!

Plus if you like to register for a course, you can do so online now. If later you like to join the course in our school (when all is back to normal) we will deduct what you paid from the course, so you will get the discount.

Plus… we are planning to share new materials online through social media, so you can help to make each other improving immune systems.

Create a healthy day and stay safe, greetings Nicole & Manel

International Training Massage School

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

PS: Some of you asked me if we sell mats, yes we do, you can buy one online and we deliver it to your house. Click here for more details.

PsPs: If you decide later to follow the course at our school when everything is back to normal, we will deduct the price you pay now for the online course. No worries!

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