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What can you become after following the Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program?


A certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist in relaxing massage (level 1 and 2) and therapeutic massage to relieve ailments (level 3 and 4)


Work as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist in a health center, physio therapist clinic, spa’s, wellness centers, yoga school, hotels, in other studios or in your own place


Work as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist in schools and companies offering business massage


Set up your own massage company


It is quite an investment, so I'm not sure

Yes, it is an investment. We understand. That is why we offer an installment plan, so you can pay in three installments via direct debit. (Please note: Payment terms: 25% of the tuition fee upon reservation. 25% of the tuition fee prior to the first lesson. 50% of the tuition fee prior to half of the duration of the training. You pay 100 Euro administration costs extra if you like to pay in installments).

Okay, I can pay in installments, but it is still a big investment for me

We understand. Do keep in mind you can earn your investment back within a few months after completing the training. We feel our installment plan gives you time and space. The Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program offers a powerful transformation as it helps you improve you health and happiness and that of others. It will truly change your life.

Can I get tax deduction?

Our school is registered at the Central Register of Short Professional Education, CRKBO and the World Massage Federation and our school is internationally recognized as we are a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai and have a school in Berlin as well. Check with your local tax advisor, but in most jurisdictions, our professional courses can be deducted as a business expense resulting in a considerably lower course cost due to tax credits/refunds received. If you need an official tax invoice, just ask. We’re happy to help!

Can I get a discount?

Followed already one or more of the courses Level 1,2,3 or 4 Thai Yoga Massage at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam within the last year? Then you can deduct €250 per course you followed from the fee of the Thai Yoga Massage Therapist Program. Just contact us!

Do I still have to pay a tuition fee once I have graduated?

No. Many of our graduates come back and take new classes, but this is not mandatory. 


How do I know if I am ready?

You do not need any experience. We will teach you everything you need to know to become a Thai Yoga Massage therapist right from the beginning. 

I don’t have any massage experience. Can I still join?

We will teach you everything from the beginning. You will learn what it takes to be a massage therapist. You will receive the full program online, so you can watch it in the time and pace that fits you. We offer personal support, so are sure you will have all the tools to be a great Thai Yoga Massage therapist and be fully ready for your new career. 

We focus mainly on practicing massage during the training. We believe practice makes perfect. The exams are also purely practice exams. We believe that our curriculum provides you with all the necessary information and tools to become a really good Thai Yoga Massage Therapist.

I live far away from the school and cannot attend every weekly class. Can I still join?

Yes, you can! Instead of participating in the weekly program, you can join our intensive weekend and / or week training sessions. Or you can choose to learn during our retreat in Thailand. You are also welcome to choose the online option. Nice to know that the full Thai yoga massage therapy program ONLINE is included in all the options you choose. So you can study at the time and pace that suits you. You can also contact us via email or phone for more information. We are happy to make a personalized study program for you. 

My English is not very good. Is this a problem?

All classes are taught in English, including the didactic material. But if you have a problem with the language, we also speak Dutch and Spanish. Our students come from different countries. Some have English as their mother tongue, but most have English as a second or third language. Our students have never had a problem with the language, even if their English is very basic. Thai massage is traditionally taught and learned by feeling and looking – so English is not essential, but only makes it easier to learn. 

I have studied Thai massage at other schools. Can I still participate?

We will look at the type of training you have completed, and what your understanding of Thai massage is, to help you determine which classes are suitable for you. Ideally, we encourage everyone to start with Level 1 as it is a good foundation for Thai massage. The techniques of our advanced courses always relate to the techniques of Level 1. If you studied at ITM Thai Hand Berlin or ITM Chiang Mai, you can proceed to the next level or retake our courses. Please let us know. 

I am not looking for a new career, but would just like to learn massage. Is this for me?

Even if you are not looking for a career switch, but do want to make yourself and others healthier, then you are very welcome at our training sessions on how to massage your friends and family. 

I have no massage or yoga experience. Is that a problem?

No worries, you do not need any experience. Some of our students have a medical background or already work as a masseur. However, this is not essential for the training. We teach you everything from the start and step-by-step. We practice the Thai yoga massage treatments on a mat, fully clothed and with the help of acupressure and stretches. 

About the Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program

How does this type of massage differ from other types?

Thai yoga massage is based on acupressure, reflexology and yoga-like stretching. It is a full body massage that is given over the clothes, on a mat and usually lasts about 1.5 hours. Both the client as well as the masseur benefit from the massage. They both improve their flexibility through yoga-like stretches, reduce stress due to the meditative status during the massage and improve their blood circulation as they are doing exercise. Due to the light acupressure and soft stretches – which you can deepen according to the client’s needs – this massage is accessible for everyone. 

I have heard of massage programs with large groups. Do you also work with large groups?

Our training groups are small, because we want everyone to get plenty of personal attention during class. We feel this is essential to become a great Thai yoga massage therapist. 

Can I get a scholarship?

Many of our students received funds for ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam’s courses.

  • Employed? Ask your employer about funding programs and possibilities.
  • Unemployed? Ask your employee insurance agency
  • Crowdfunding? You can set up crowdfunding and have others finance your education

How much do I need to study if I want to take the exams?

The program is online, so you can study when you like and how much you like. However, you can also choose to take classroom instruction as an addition to the online training. If you like to take the exams we recommend to have an extra 40 hours of practical experience (more is always possible, because practice makes perfect) to practice massage protocols that you have learned in the modules Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Traditional Thai Massage Nuad Bo Rarn). This means giving 40 massages of 1 hour as a case study to be sure you are a good professional Thai yoga massage therapist. You can plan this practice in your own time alone or with fellow students. Moreover we give you theory as background information.

Can I study at my own pace?

We believe that everyone can learn Thai yoga massage and that everyone has their own study pace. So ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam offers you the opportunity to study at your own pace. If you choose for in-class trainings or the retreat, you always will have the online full Thai yoga massage program included. Therefore you can study in your own pace. If you need more assistance let us know. We are happy to accommodate you. 

After graduation

Does the training offer a 100% job guarantee after graduation?

If you are serious about learning Thai yoga massage, then you can find a job. We see this happen all the time with our graduates. Naturally, we cannot guarantee you a job, just as a university degree, for example, does not guarantee you work either. ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam regularly seeks new employees and we also connect our graduate teachers and therapists with centers and practices who have vacancies. We see a growing demand for Thai Yoga Massage therapists and believe that this demand will continue to grow. So our graduates should be able to find a job quite easily.

Can I start my own massage practice?

The profession of ‘masseur’ is not protected. You can start working as an independent masseur as soon as you have a work space and are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Your certification also allows you to work at spa’s, wellness centers and yoga schools. There is a large demand for Thai Yoga massage therapists. 

Is my certificate also valid in my country of residence?

Each country has its own rules about giving massage treatments. ITM is recognized as a training institute in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and the Netherlands. Therapists in these countries can use their ITM education for their personal education requirements/credits. Check with your local government/municipality before offering massage to the public. 

If you now think, yes this is something for me, then join the Thai yoga massage therapy program 

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