Create a healthy life style with Thai Hand Massage Classes

Who gets weekly massage?


Do you get weekly massage?

That is great, you are one of the lucky few!

We have been asking this question since 2009 to all our massage students. And only a few of them responded by YES.

Even most massage therapists don’t receive weekly massage treatments themselves.

Weekly massage prevents diseases

You probably know that has been scientifically proven that you can prevent diseases by weekly massage.

And that the best health results you get even in a twice-weekly massage.

Weekly massage too expensive?

But for most people a twice-weekly massage is too expensive.

This is why ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam has created a unique method – called Thai Hand Massage Classes – so everyone is able to improve their health by receiving and giving massage.

Now you can too!


During the Thai Hand Massage class, you receive a traditional Thai yoga massage over the clothes on a mat to improve your health immensely for the same amount of money you pay for a yoga class.

And you will give one too, under the guidance of the teacher.

No experience needed!



You now might think, okay but I need to be a massage therapist first to join this class?

But no, don’t worry.

The massage sequence is easy to follow, you don’t need any experience.

Great benefits

Since we’ve started to teach Thai Hand Massage Classes, we have seen amazing results.

The whole class feels totally relaxed!

Even if it is your first time!


In our Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training, we teach students how to set up and teach a Thai Hand Massage Class.

Want to find out more and see if this is something for you? Click the button below…

You can watch this to get an impression. This is us on National Television. In English, with Dutch subtitles.

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