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Thai Yoga Massage Course Level 1

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Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Course

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Thai Yoga Massage Course Level 2

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Thai Yoga Massage Course Level 3

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Thai Yoga massage course level 4

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Acupressure Therapy Massage Course for Health (Wat po style)

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In one word – wonderful! The school really allows you to leave your daily worries outside for a while. Courses are well structured in meaningful units and lessons, and the way of teaching allows for quick assimilation of knowledge. And of course, the driving force behind it all are teachers. Rarely can you find so many different personalities with different teaching styles working in one place in such harmony. Regardless of differences, they all share something in common – high level of expertise, and most importantly, the same passion for what they do. That is what makes you feel at home and pushes you to learn and practice, and then learn even more and practice more and more…

Nenad Cupic

Love the way they teach, with a lot of passion and no-nonsense👏🏻.
The videos are also very clear and a real added value for me to practice at home. When you still have questions you can always come to visit them for explanation (at a fixed time).
If you want to learn Thai Massage you are at the right address here 😀

Joëy de Man

Any questions?

Please read below FAQ

Questions & Answers

About the Course

What is the schedule?


You can start direct, 24/7 online access.

In our school?

You can choose:

  • 4 Fridays: 18.00 – 21.00


  • 1 weekend: 10.00-18.00


Can I Learn at my own pace?

Yes, you can. Upon purchasing the course you’ll get access to the whole course online. This is entirely self-paced and the content is online 24/7, so you can take it whenever and wherever you want. Plus you get 1-year access so you can return to the content again and again.

If you want to also follow live classes in our school, you can choose the schedule that fits you best and use the online course as a reference.

What do I need?

To start your massage course, you don’t need anything specific. Just wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely. If you come to our school, you don’t need anything; we have all the equipment prepared for you.

Additionally, for most of our courses, you can use items you already have at home. Here are some specific requirements for different courses:

  • Courses on the Mat (most courses): You’ll need a head pillow, a small cushion for below the knees, and a mat (this can be a thick blanket, sleeping bag, yoga mat, or professional massage mat).

  • Deep Tissue & Sports Massage: You can do this on the floor or on a professional massage table. You can use olive oil if you don’t have massage oils yet.

  • Thai Foot Reflexology: You can use a thick marker or a professional wooden massage reflexology stick.

  • Thai Chair Massage: You can use a chair you have at home or a professional massage chair.

  • Thai Table Massage: You can do this on the floor or on a professional massage table.

This flexibility allows you to comfortably participate in our courses using readily available items. Additionally, all didactic materials, including any necessary books, are already included in the course, so there’s no need to make additional purchases.

How many hours does it take to complete the course?

Everyone is different, but as an estimate: Each course can be completed within 30 hours. The courses are hands-on. However, practice makes perfect.

How is the online course content delivered?

The content all sits on one private portal online at For each module there are videos and PDF downloadables. You can watch, listen or read – or all 3.

For how long will I have access to the online content?

You will have 1 year access to all the course content. This is usually enough to master all the information. However, if you like to have access longer, it is optional to renew your access.


Since we have added deadlines for our courses, we see a huge impact on the results that our students book. More and more students start the course, right after purchasing. It is such an honor to hear their amazing life changing stories! So forget procrastination, start as soon as possible, even if you think you don’t have time. With just a couple of hours a week, you can already make a huge difference.

When can I start?

You can start today! Once you make the payment, you get instant access to our online materials. If you’re joining an in-person course, the online lessons are part of it.

We offer courses on both weekends and weekdays, all year round. Just click on the course you’re interested in, check the dates, and pick the one that suits you best. For online courses, you can begin right after you’ve made the payment. It’s easy and flexible to fit your schedule.

We look forward to having you in our lessons. If you have more questions, just send us an email to Our team will be happy to help you.

Questions & Answers

About Money

I really want to join, but I am not sure if I can afford it.

We understand that the investment fee may feel like a significant amount for some. Recognizing that many individuals can recoup the investment after completing the course within a few months, we acknowledge that paying the full fee upfront might be challenging. If affordability is a concern, consider exploring options such as crowdfunding or distributing vouchers to friends and family for post-course massages. Remember, the initial financial hurdle often feels significant, but many have proven that the investment pays off considerably over time.

Can UWV Pay for My Course?

Yes! We’re proud partners with UWV, the Dutch Social Security Institute, providing financial assistance for individuals receiving Wajong, Sick Leave, WIA, and UWV benefits. If you fall into this category, let’s connect for a phone call. We’re here to discuss how we can support you in your learning journey! Schedule a phone call here.

Can my employer pay for my course?

Yes, it happens quite often. There are two options: you can cover the investment initially and settle it directly with your employer, or we can send an invoice to your employer. If you prefer us to send an invoice to your employer, please reach out to us. You can send an email to or call us at 06-18790023.

Questions & Answers

About Doubts

I don’t have experience. Can I join?

You don’t need any experience. We will guide you step-by-step. You will learn what it takes to be a massage therapist. You can retake our online courses, because you have free access for 1 year. We offer personal support, so you’ll have all the tools to be a great Nuad Thai Massage therapist and be fully ready for your new career. Or if a new career is not your desire, you will be fully ready to give effective massage treatments to improve the health of your friends and family.

We believe practice makes perfect. The exams are also purely practice exams. We believe that our curriculum provides you with all the necessary information and tools to become a really good Nuad Thai massage therapist.

How do I know if the quality is good?

High Quality Guarantee

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is:

  • Partner of UWV, the Dutch provider of employee insurance. Citizens of the Netherlands who are unemployed or are on sick leave can apply for government funding for our massage programs.
  • Registered at CRKBO – Central Register for Short Professional Education
  • Registered at World Massage Federation.


ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is the first European franchise of ITM Chiang Mai, International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, the best Thai massage school of Thailand acknowledged by the Department of Health and Education of Thailand and internationally recognized by at least the following organizations:

  • Thailand Ministry of Public Health
  • Thailand Ministry of Education
  • Australia Association of Massage
  • Therapists (AAMT)
  • Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS Canada)
  • Massage and Natural Therapies Association
  • Thai Healing Alliance
  • NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)
How do I know if the massage techniques will work?

Scientific Guarantee

The massage techniques you’ll learn in this program are:

  • over 2500 years old.
  • based on centuries of trial and error and have proofed to work, based on empiric and scientific research.
  • used in hospitals in Thailand
  • recognized by Unesco as a world heritage as the first and only massage worlwide

So there is the scientific proof.

Plus we’ve seen the enormous health improvements on the more than 10,000 people we have been teaching worldwide and on ourselves as well. Since we discovered the benefits of massage our lives have changed immensely: We are happy and pain-free.



Who are the teachers? And why are they qualified?

Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

We are not fly-by-night course creators.

We are an INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED AND RECOGNIZED massage school with a home base in Amsterdam since 2009.

Over the years we have taught more than 10,000 people worldwide and professionally trained 600+ therapists in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Thailand.

Nicole and Manel at Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam was founded by Manuel Luque Aguilera and Nicole van Zurk.

We both come from professional corporate backgrounds and understand the stresses that come with professional careers well. 

 We found the benefits of Thai massage while searching for a solution for our own physical ailments.

Captivated by this preventive and therapeutic technique we decided to leave our jobs, learn more about Thai massage in Thailand and eventually teach this technique to our students.

I have health issues. Is a massage training right for me at the moment or is it better to wait until I am completely fit?

Our unique teaching method ensures that you also experience the health benefits of massage during the classes. Many of our students heal their burnout, back pain, headaches and stress simply by taking the massage classes and experiencing the benefits of Nuad Thai massage themselves.

How are you different from other massage schools?

At ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam, we stand out by offering more than just massage techniques – we provide a transformative lifestyle. Experience the Nuad Thai Massage Lifestyle with personalized guidance, small-sized classes led by certified instructors, and an inclusive international community. Your investment here goes beyond professional certification; it’s a commitment to your personal health and happiness. Plus, as the first European franchise of ITM Chiang Mai, our courses are internationally accredited and recognized, ensuring a unique and impactful learning experience.

I'm not sure if my English is good enough?

All classes are taught in English, including the didactic material. But if you have a problem with the language, we also speak Dutch and Spanish. Our students come from different countries. Some have English as their mother tongue, but most have English as a second or third language. Our students have never had a problem with the language, even if their English is very basic. Thai massage is traditionally taught and learned by feeling and looking – so English is not essential, but only makes it easier to learn.

Is a course something for me?

The training of Massage School ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is suitable for anyone with an interest in massage. Our school has trained over 10,000 students of all ages and backgrounds who come from many different countries. If you are looking for a career change, interested in starting a career, additional training as a therapist or if you are looking for a hobby — you are all welcome to take part in one of our massage courses.

Questions & Answers

About After the Course

Do I get a certificate?

Upon successful completion of the course, it is optional to get certified. The certification consists of a practical exam – live in our school in Amsterdam or online, whichever is more convenient for you. The fee for the exam is 90 euros, and you can take the exam whenever you are ready. In the case you need to retake the exam, it is possible for an additional fee of 90 euros. The exam is practical, and you will demonstrate the massage techniques you learned during the course, allowing us to assess your proficiency in applying the skills.

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is an internationally accredited massage school, a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai, awarded as the best Massage School in Thailand. Our school is registered at the Central Register of Short Professional Education, CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs), and the World Massage Federation.

The certificates you will receive as a graduate of our courses are internationally recognized.

Can I work as a professional massage therapist after receiving an ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam diploma?

Yes, you can. When you graduate from your ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam massage training course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate.

This type of qualification is recognised in different countries. It will inform employers and clients that you have received the training necessary to practise massage therapy as a professional massage therapist.

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is widely considered to be a leading provider of Nuad Thai Massage training in Amsterdam. This is why we frequently receive requests from Spa’s, yoga studios, health centers and massage studios if we have graduates to fill in their massage vacancies.

This is why most of our students earn their investment for the course back, soon after graduation.

The profession of ‘massage therapist’ is not protected. You can start working as an independent massage therapist as soon as you have a work space and are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Your certification also allows you to work at Spa’s, wellness centers and yoga schools. There is a large demand for Nuad Thai massage therapists.

However, if you want to become a massage therapist, we recommend you to follow the Nuad Thai Massage full program, so you will learn different massage techniques to offer your clients, plus you’ll learn all you need to know to become a professional massage therapist, how to set up your company, how to find clients etc. For the Nuad Thai Massage Program click here.

Do I get a job guarantee?

If you are serious about learning Nuad Thai massage, then you can find a job. We see this happen all the time with our graduates. Of course, we cannot guarantee you a job, just as a university degree, for example, does not guarantee you work either. ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam regularly seeks new employees and we also connect our graduate therapists with centers and practices who have vacancies. We see a growing demand for Nuad Thai Masseurs and believe that this demand will continue to grow. So our graduates should be able to find a job quite easily.

Find what’s right for you

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Ask us your questions during a free consultation call, and we are happy to help you by making an informed decision: