When you told me this 8 years ago, I did not believe you…

Studying Thai yoga massage in Thailand at ITM Chiang Mai in 2008 I felt in love with this technique. Receiving this acupressure and stretching yoga massage my blood circulation improved, I felt energized and super healthy as never before. Moreover my headaches and back pain disappeared and my medicine for my pains were not needed anymore.

But not only receiving the massage, also giving Thai yoga massage was so stress-releasing and energetic at the same time. Amazing!!!

The only school outside Thailand certified to teach advanced massage courses

I met Manuel and he told me: ‘Let’s set up a massage school after our studies.’ So we did… We moved to Amsterdam, set up ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam and became a franchise from ITM Chiang Mai. We started small with teaching only Thai yoga massage Nuad Bo Rarn Level 1 (Foundation of Thai massage) and 2 (Intermediate Thai Massage) under the authorization of ITM Chiang Mai, awarded as the best school of Thai massage in Thailand. However, we got more and more clients for Thai yoga massage treatments and the more people got to know the Thai yoga massage techniques, the more they got interested to learn the techniques by themselves. Every year we went back to Thailand to study more. And soon we were certified to teach as the only massage school outside Thailand the advanced levels of Thai yoga massage Nuad Bo Rarn Level 3 (Advanced Sen-Energy Lines) and 4 (Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage) under the authorization of ITM Chiang Mai.

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam and ITM Thai Hand Berlin

Only three years after opening our school in Amsterdam we opened our school in Berlin: ITM Thai Hand Berlin. Again, so rewarding to spread the knowledge of traditional Thai yoga massage to as many people as possible. Also amazing to see

how people feel after a treatment of Thai yoga massage. Many of our customers arrive stressed, with stiff muscles and pain and after the massage they feel renewed, full of energy and most amazing: many feel pain-free. How fulfilling to see the change of our customers!
Weekly massage too expensive?

However, not everyone is able to afford a weekly massage treatment, so therefore Manuel founded the Life Balance Thai yoga massage for Health lessons. We set up the Life Balance drop-in lessons in our schools so that everyone can enjoy 45 minutes of traditional Thai yoga massage and experience these health benefits without paying the full amount for a massage treatment. It is great to see how enthusiastic our students are about the ancient technique of Thai yoga massage and share our passion for it.

Teaching Thai yoga massage is rewarding!

Not only our customers for treatments and Life Balance have an amazing experience, but I am very happy to say that we changed the lives of many students already by helping them to develop another career, namely the career of Thai yoga massage therapist. Because the massage industry is still booming and we receive many requests of people from everywhere to ask if we can teach this technique, we decided that we cannot do this alone anymore. Therefore Manuel founded the Teacher Training of ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam. With the experience of all those years we have set up a program to share the knowledge in a teacher training. This Teacher Training is not a standard training. You will not only learn how to give different massage treatments, but also how to teach Thai yoga massage workshops, the Life Balance Classes, how to set up your school, teacher ethics, how to talk in public, how to treat customers with ailments and injuries and many more… So if you are interested and like to become a Thai yoga massage teacher to share this amazing centuries’ old preventive and curative technique, used in Thai hospitals for many years to decrease waiting lists, you are very welcome to join our Teacher Training Program. And yes, Manel told me this already 8 years ago: ‘Nicole let’s set up a traditional Thai yoga massage school, because teaching traditional Thai yoga massage is the best job of the future’. Back then, I didn’t believe him.

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