Do you know that the biggest reason of our students to not start a massage course is money?

We get daily emails from people who love to study massage, but they email us that they don’t have money. So therefore I just thought to give you some inspirational ideas for you if you are like many of our students that have the same problem: They love to take a course, but they are struggling with the money.

So hereby some ideas:

  1. Are you unemployed?

In the Netherlands we have the UWV, but maybe in your own country you have another kind of organization. Sometimes it is the local community office, sometimes it is an office related to the tax office. It depends the country. Ask your employment coach to fund your study. Explain your employment coach that you can work as a massage therapist after following the massage program, so you are no longer depended on unemployment funds.


  1. Are you employed?

Many of our students ask their bosses to pay their massage programs. Of course it depends where you work. But a lot of companies have money to pay their employees courses. Or maybe you want to change your career, even then a lot of companies have money to help you retrain for another profession.


  1. Crowd funding!

We found this idea that a student had a couple of years ago, amazing. She wanted to do the Thai yoga massage level 1 course with us but did not have any money. She then emailed all her friends, family and colleagues to say that she wanted to do a massage course and that she had massage vouchers for sale. She basically told everyone: Normally a good massage treatment is about 60 to 75 euro for 1 hour. How about if you buy a massage voucher from me now, for only 20 euro and I will give you the massage after I finish my massage course.


Immediate clients after the course

It was so amazing, she got so much response that she was able to enrol in the level 1 and also in the level 2 massage course directly without paying herself for the course. After the courses she gave all the people that bought her voucher a massage and they loved it so much, many of them came back and paid the full price she asked. So she immediately had clients the day she finished the courses.


So how about this? If you have more ideas let us know . And if you need assistance let us know as well, we are happy to help.

Have a lovely day and we are looking forward seeing you in our class.

Are you living in the Netherlands? Or planning to live in the Netherlands?

Then… this is for you!

The year 2018 is the last year in which you still can deduct your study costs for tax purposes.


This is for everyone, even if you don’t have a business yet.

Or if you are not yet registered at the tax office, you can still deduct your study costs and thus save money. If you are already a registered masseur, you can also still have this benefit.

What to do? You have to start in 2018

The only rule is, you have to start your study this year, in 2018!

So if you are thinking about taking a massage course, this would be the best time to start! So if you want to follow a study in 2019, you can probably do so in 2018 and thus bring start with the study earlier, with tax deductions.


No time?

Don’t you have time to start a course in 2018? You can consider to start a massage course anyway, even if you don’t have time.

Our courses are online as well, so you can enrol this year and start when the time is right for you.

For the Dutch tax office it matters when you enrol. And that is… you must enrol in 2018 in order to deduct the study costs for your taxes.

The massage courses at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam are registered at the CRKBO (Register for Short Professional Education), so therefore acknowledged as a professional school where study costs can be deducted.

Are you an empoyee?

Are you working as an employee? You can also ask your employer / boss to pay for your massage study. Many of our students have done that.


If you have any questions, please email us to and we can help you from there!

Stop Taking Painkillers Take Massage Instead

This is my story.

But I hear a similar story from the people we train on a daily basis. In one way or another, we all experience the same type of situation before we finally take action that turns things around and actually improves our life:

Tomorrow would be my 1 year anniversary of being on sick leave. I had a heavy concussion and a whiplash – a suitcase had fallen off the overhead luggage rack while the airplane I was on moved to the airstrip, ready for departure.

My life was not as I had imagined. I was using painkillers to suppress the enormous headache. I was in bed all day. I could not bear any sound. Nor could I handle any stress. Even grocery shopping was too much.

It was my seventh concussion and fourth whiplash. And I had done a lot of tests: X-ray examination – when I found out I was allergic to contrast agents and had a near-death experience, but that’s a different story – ultrasound, EEC, CT-scan, MRI and neurological examination. They could not find anything.

I had tried all kinds of treatments and therapy to get rid of my pain and symptoms. Physiotherapy. Shockwave therapy (sound waves). A neurologist even paralyzed a nerve for a few days. Neck-traction device at the hospital. I wore a neck brace. Tried a brand-new head pillow that had been custom-made for me. I even changed my diet. Nothing worked.

The only thing that had decreased the worst pain to some degree was treatment from an orthomanual therapist. The only other alternative was to just lie down in a dark room with painkillers, although that was more pain suppression.

That day, my neurologist asked me if it would not be better for me to resign: quit my office job.

Quit? But then what would I do?

I gave her a hundred reasons not to quit my job. Like being pregnant – perhaps not the ideal timing to resign when I was about to have a baby and being ill as well. No job? Then what? What about my future? And what about my baby that was on the way?

As all these reasons went through my mind, my neurologist gave me one reason – an incentive really – to resign.

She told me that I would get better if I gave massage treatments. I was overwhelmed. I thought it was weird. However, I was also curious. She told that she had seen the same scenario in her practice for years: “We take too many pills, Nicole. We have stressful jobs and just keep taking pills. Not good for people, like you, with headaches.” She was a fan of therapeutic Thai massage. It helped her relax. It also helped many of her clients who suffered from headaches. “And then you have a relaxed job!” She laughed when she left.

The seed was planted. I started doing some research. I booked massage treatments, so I could experience it myself.

Guess what? She was right!

  • I had a therapeutic Thai massage every three days for three weeks in a row. The treatments were specifically for headaches and whiplash pain and injuries. My headaches disappeared.

  • I had dealt with my headaches and pain for so long, that I just could not remember how good, free and relaxed it felt without a headache.

  • I threw away my painkillers. And more importantly, I turned my life around.

  • I started giving massage treatments and classes full-time. All of a sudden my workspace was no longer an office with computers and deadlines, but a nice space with soothing music and lovely essential oils.

Every day, I make people happy with my massage treatments. Do you know how much energy that gives me? I schedule my own time. I work when I want to. I even meditate during treatments. My body became stronger. My life changed completely. Without headaches.

I love sharing my story. Because I want everyone to have a happy and healthy life. To feel appreciated. Without stress.


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