Do you know that the biggest reason of our students to not start a massage course is money?

We get daily emails from people who love to study massage, but they email us that they don’t have money. So therefore I just thought to give you some inspirational ideas for you if you are like many of our students that have the same problem: They love to take a course, but they are struggling with the money.

So hereby some ideas:

  1. Are you unemployed?

In the Netherlands we have the UWV, but maybe in your own country you have another kind of organization. Sometimes it is the local community office, sometimes it is an office related to the tax office. It depends the country. Ask your employment coach to fund your study. Explain your employment coach that you can work as a massage therapist after following the massage program, so you are no longer depended on unemployment funds.


  1. Are you employed?

Many of our students ask their bosses to pay their massage programs. Of course it depends where you work. But a lot of companies have money to pay their employees courses. Or maybe you want to change your career, even then a lot of companies have money to help you retrain for another profession.


  1. Crowd funding!

We found this idea that a student had a couple of years ago, amazing. She wanted to do the Thai yoga massage level 1 course with us but did not have any money. She then emailed all her friends, family and colleagues to say that she wanted to do a massage course and that she had massage vouchers for sale. She basically told everyone: Normally a good massage treatment is about 60 to 75 euro for 1 hour. How about if you buy a massage voucher from me now, for only 20 euro and I will give you the massage after I finish my massage course.


Immediate clients after the course

It was so amazing, she got so much response that she was able to enrol in the level 1 and also in the level 2 massage course directly without paying herself for the course. After the courses she gave all the people that bought her voucher a massage and they loved it so much, many of them came back and paid the full price she asked. So she immediately had clients the day she finished the courses.


So how about this? If you have more ideas let us know . And if you need assistance let us know as well, we are happy to help.

Have a lovely day and we are looking forward seeing you in our class.

Recent research reveals that people in the Netherlands are moving the most compared to inhabitants from other countries in the European Union. 80 percent of Dutch people cycle, walk, work in their garden or swim weekly, compared to 44 percent on average in the EU.


Great news or not?

Great news, you might think. However, there is a huge downside to this. I discuss that later on.

First I explain more about the research that was done by The European Commission’s Eurobarometer, called Sport and physical activity report. In 2017, more than 28,000 Europeans (including 1040 Dutch people) aged 15 and older were asked for how often they move.

Well, I am not so surprised by the fact that Dutch people move a lot. One reason, of course, is that there is a good infrastructure in the Netherlands that promotes walking and cycling.

Cycling to school

I myself was born and raised in the Netherlands and I can say from my own experience that I used to go to school by bike, just like all my other classmates. From the age of four going to primary school we cycled until high school, within the same city. At the age of 18 I moved out of my parents to live in the city of my university and also there we all cycled to university.

We always went on the bike. In rain, wind, snow and sun, that does not matter. The weather is never bad, it just depends what you are wearing. So most often in this country with a lot of rain, we all cycled wrapped up in rain gear.

The elementary school was only 5 minutes cycling, the secondary school fifteen minutes and the university was not that far away, a maximum of 30 minutes. But some classmates from surrounding villages had to cycle for an hour to high school until they were at school. And after school we always cycle to friends, sports or activities.

No footpaths

I have lived abroad for a number of years (United States, South Africa, France, Italy, the Philippines and Thailand, and we go to Spain every year). I always notice that people walk and cycle less. In the United States I went to high school and there you were picked up with the school bus and when you were 16, many classmates already had a car and just drove around. There was a lot of sport activities you could choose from in school. But I never really saw many people walking. Only in the early mornings in the shopping malls there were walking activities for health. Some people did cycle but then for sport, not like in the Netherlands we use the bicycle as a meaning of transport. In my area in the United States there were no footpaths and cycle paths.

Public transport and cars

In the Philippines, everyone I knew took a ‘tricycle (kind of riksia) or’ jeepney ‘(a sort of shared taxi bus) to move around. And also in South Africa, France, Italy and Thailand I did not see people walk and cycle as much as here.

On the picture by the way, you see our kids (age 4 and 6) cycling to school on a sunny day, hurray. With helmets by the way, which I never had when I was young, this is something that you see only recently that kids wear helmets when cycling and very few adults do too.

But well … back to the research …


Sports for fun

It turns out that the Dutch also do a lot of sports (56% sport weekly, compared to the average in Europe of 40%) and that mainly for fun, not necessarily for their health like other Europeans. Only in Sweden, Denmark and Finland people do sports more often than in the Netherlands. The group of intensive athletes (five times a week or more) is small at 6 percent, just like in the rest of the European Union.


My worry

But … here is the other part of the research that worries me …

Because the research continues …

And then it becomes clear that the Dutch are movement champions, but also … they are champions of sitting!


Sitting champion

It is striking that in countries where people move a lot, people also sit more often. The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark are both the moving and sitting champions of Europe.

The Dutch sit around 8.7 hours a day, mainly because more and more people do sedentary work.

Looking at country level, respondents are more likely to spend 2 hours 30 minutes or less sitting down in Romania (31%), followed by those in Portugal (23%), Cyprus and Poland (both 22%).

At the other end of the scale, respondents are more likely to spend more than 8 hours 30 minutes a day sitting down in the Netherlands (32%), Denmark (23%), the Czech Republic (21%), Sweden (20% ) and Greece (19%).


Sitting can kill you

So wherever you are … hope you start moving. Because sitting more than 8 hours a day can kill you in the end…. but you knew that already, didn’t you?


Are you living in the Netherlands? Or planning to live in the Netherlands?

Then… this is for you!

The year 2018 is the last year in which you still can deduct your study costs for tax purposes.


This is for everyone, even if you don’t have a business yet.

Or if you are not yet registered at the tax office, you can still deduct your study costs and thus save money. If you are already a registered masseur, you can also still have this benefit.

What to do? You have to start in 2018

The only rule is, you have to start your study this year, in 2018!

So if you are thinking about taking a massage course, this would be the best time to start! So if you want to follow a study in 2019, you can probably do so in 2018 and thus bring start with the study earlier, with tax deductions.


No time?

Don’t you have time to start a course in 2018? You can consider to start a massage course anyway, even if you don’t have time.

Our courses are online as well, so you can enrol this year and start when the time is right for you.

For the Dutch tax office it matters when you enrol. And that is… you must enrol in 2018 in order to deduct the study costs for your taxes.

The massage courses at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam are registered at the CRKBO (Register for Short Professional Education), so therefore acknowledged as a professional school where study costs can be deducted.

Are you an empoyee?

Are you working as an employee? You can also ask your employer / boss to pay for your massage study. Many of our students have done that.


If you have any questions, please email us to and we can help you from there!

How many hours did you sit today? How many hours did you move today? Do you ever think about this? And do you know the danger of not moving? Do you know that sitting in a chair can actually cause you to die earlier? Well, to understand this, let’s go back into history for a moment.

We are new comers

If you compare the creation of the world (more than 13 thousand 800 million years ago), our solar system, the life of dinosaurs all millions and millions of years ago… the human being is just a very new comer. It is only about 2 million years ago that our first ancestor, the Australopithecus, decided to jump out of the tree, starting to walk on two legs. However, only in these few years that the human being exists our behaviour has been changing a lot!

We were on the menu

It is only less than 10,000 years ago, that we were living in caves, had to hunt to survive. We had to run, escape from our predators. We were the first plate on the menu of the sabre-toothed tiger. So we were always on the run, moving a lot. Since this time, the inside and outside of the human body hasn’t experienced big changes.

And in terms of evolution, 10,000 years is just a very short time. However, our society has been changing immensely. In example we don’t need to hunt for food anymore. We don’t have a predator anymore that put our daily life to risk, for which we need to run daily. So we move less. And moving is super important, because we are made to move!

Why we need to move?

Why is this? Well, moving is very important to be healthy. The only way to move lymph that fights against bacteria and which is super important for the immune system, is when we move ourselves. Ancient medicine, like Chinese medicine calls life movement. Movement is called life. When you die you don’t move anymore. So lack of movement is death. Ancient Taoists looked to rivers: they say: when the water moves, there is life. When the water doesn’t move anymore and stops, there is no life.

These Ancient Taoists used to base their medicine into observation. They used to think that what happened outside happened also inside. So looking at the rivers, they believed the same about the lymphatic system, it needs to move to live. And even nowadays scientist show us that for good health we need to move. Actually we know now that exercise improves our immunity system. Exercise is movement.

Sitting can kill you!

Scientists nowadays show that if you don’t move, like sitting more than 6 hours a day you live less. So this means lack of movement makes you live less. It will attack your immunity system. Lymph in example only moves when we move.

Technology can make us sick

If you read all the above, do you realize that we nowadays almost don’t move anymore? No, we don’t have predators and we don’t need to hunt for food… However, the reason nowadays that we hardly move is… technology! The last 30 years we almost stopped to move! Remember the time in the eighties when we didn’t have internet? Do you realize how much it has changed us?

The fault of internet

During the time without internet when you wanted to buy shoes, you walked the whole day in the shopping streets looking for shoes. Now you just sit in your chair, browse along the internet and buy them with a click. Remember the days when we cycled to the supermarket or walked to buy our groceries… nowadays we shop on internet. And what about meeting friends… I used to meet my friends in the town center. I did not even call them beforehand, I just went there and if no-one was there, I cycled home. Nowadays… we have a WhatsApp group.

Take the stairs

If you compare a teenager nowadays to a teenager let’s say 50 years ago, you clearly see the difference. Nowadays there are elevators everywhere, who takes the stairs when you have to go up more than 3 floors? I still do, because I know how important it is. However, others look at me as if I am an athlete, which I surely not am, I just try to stay fit. It is a shame that everything is just 1 click away from us and that we don’t need to move.

Yes, of course I am also happy at times that in 1 click I can book my holiday for example. But I still remember when I booked my first holiday when I was 18, alone with friends without my parents for the first time, that we walked around the city for half the day to go to more than 6 agencies to check them all out.

What to do?

It is no wonder that since we don’t move so much anymore, we have so many more ailments and complaints and also at a much younger age than our parents and grandparents. I hope you give this story some thought and use technology in your benefit but please don’t forget to move! And if you really don’t have time to move, you can always book a traditional Thai massage or deep tissue massage, so at least your lymph will be moved and your health will increase. And otherwise I would say… come out of your chair and move like the old days! Stay well!



Stop Taking Painkillers Take Massage Instead

This is my story.

But I hear a similar story from the people we train on a daily basis. In one way or another, we all experience the same type of situation before we finally take action that turns things around and actually improves our life:

Tomorrow would be my 1 year anniversary of being on sick leave. I had a heavy concussion and a whiplash – a suitcase had fallen off the overhead luggage rack while the airplane I was on moved to the airstrip, ready for departure.

My life was not as I had imagined. I was using painkillers to suppress the enormous headache. I was in bed all day. I could not bear any sound. Nor could I handle any stress. Even grocery shopping was too much.

It was my seventh concussion and fourth whiplash. And I had done a lot of tests: X-ray examination – when I found out I was allergic to contrast agents and had a near-death experience, but that’s a different story – ultrasound, EEC, CT-scan, MRI and neurological examination. They could not find anything.

I had tried all kinds of treatments and therapy to get rid of my pain and symptoms. Physiotherapy. Shockwave therapy (sound waves). A neurologist even paralyzed a nerve for a few days. Neck-traction device at the hospital. I wore a neck brace. Tried a brand-new head pillow that had been custom-made for me. I even changed my diet. Nothing worked.

The only thing that had decreased the worst pain to some degree was treatment from an orthomanual therapist. The only other alternative was to just lie down in a dark room with painkillers, although that was more pain suppression.

That day, my neurologist asked me if it would not be better for me to resign: quit my office job.

Quit? But then what would I do?

I gave her a hundred reasons not to quit my job. Like being pregnant – perhaps not the ideal timing to resign when I was about to have a baby and being ill as well. No job? Then what? What about my future? And what about my baby that was on the way?

As all these reasons went through my mind, my neurologist gave me one reason – an incentive really – to resign.

She told me that I would get better if I gave massage treatments. I was overwhelmed. I thought it was weird. However, I was also curious. She told that she had seen the same scenario in her practice for years: “We take too many pills, Nicole. We have stressful jobs and just keep taking pills. Not good for people, like you, with headaches.” She was a fan of therapeutic Thai massage. It helped her relax. It also helped many of her clients who suffered from headaches. “And then you have a relaxed job!” She laughed when she left.

The seed was planted. I started doing some research. I booked massage treatments, so I could experience it myself.

Guess what? She was right!

  • I had a therapeutic Thai massage every three days for three weeks in a row. The treatments were specifically for headaches and whiplash pain and injuries. My headaches disappeared.

  • I had dealt with my headaches and pain for so long, that I just could not remember how good, free and relaxed it felt without a headache.

  • I threw away my painkillers. And more importantly, I turned my life around.

  • I started giving massage treatments and classes full-time. All of a sudden my workspace was no longer an office with computers and deadlines, but a nice space with soothing music and lovely essential oils.

Every day, I make people happy with my massage treatments. Do you know how much energy that gives me? I schedule my own time. I work when I want to. I even meditate during treatments. My body became stronger. My life changed completely. Without headaches.

I love sharing my story. Because I want everyone to have a happy and healthy life. To feel appreciated. Without stress.


Become an acupressure massage therapist; THE massage therapy to treat ailments

Do you have basic knowledge of massage? Would you like to have a career as an Acupressure Massage Therapist; The specialist form of massage therapy to treat ailments? Then the Acupressure Massage Therapist Program must be something for you.  The techniques learnt in this program are used in hospitals in Asia to improve health, reduce waiting lists, eliminate drug use and often avoid surgery. The training consists of modules Abdominal Therapeutic Massage (Chi Nei Tsang), Acupressure Massage Therapy for Health (Wat Po) and Advanced Acupressure Massage Techniques to treat ailments (Wat Po). You also learn Anatomy & Physiology and Coaching & Design Thinking.

What is Acupressure Massage Therapy?

Acupressure Massage Therapy is a treatment for various ailments, such as headaches, back pain, stress, tension (burnout), sleep problems, menstruation problems, arthritis, high blood pressure, stomach problems, tennis elbow, feeling low or depressed, constipation, sprained ankle, knee problems, neck problems, hip pain, shoulder pain etc. Acupressure Massage Therapy is used in Asian hospitals to eliminate the need for surgery. During the first appointment, the therapist provides comprehensive information of the complaints of the client through examination and asking questions. The therapist then gives a deep 1 to 2 hour therapeutic acupressure massage tailored to the complaints of the client. This massage is given over the clothes. The client lies on a mat or on a table. The therapist provides acupressure massage using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet through the clothes, using body weight. Massage therapy assumes that everything in our body is interconnected, also named Holistic and that the origin of the complaint may come from elsewhere in the body than from the painful area itself. Therefore, the massage treatment is a whole body massage, starting at the feet and ending at the head. Because everyone is different and each complaint is different, a treatment plan is developed together with the client at the end of the first treatment. The number of treatments depends on the complaint and its severity. Besides dealing with complaints, the therapist focuses on the prevention of recurrence of symptoms.


What can you become after following the Acupressure Massage Therapist Program?

  • You will be a certified Acupressure Massage Therapist in the techniques: Abdominal Therapeutic Massage (Chi Nei Tsang), Acupressure Massage Therapy for Health (Wat Po) and Advanced Acupressure Massage Techniques to treat ailments (Wat Po).
  • You can work as an Acupressure Massage Therapist in your own practice, physio therapist clinic or another health centre.

If you feel, yes I like to know more…

Click here to discover about the Advanced Massage Therapy Program.

Thai massage therapist is the best job of the future, why?

Time for a career change? Become a massage therapist, the most demanded job of the future! Why? It is scientifically proven that due to daily use of technology, internet and smart phones, we move less.

Therefore we are more prone to ailments. Neck pain, back pain and fatigue are some of the health problems caused using computers, tablets or smart phones. The more we use technology, the less we move and the more ailments we have, therefore the more demand of massage therapists, to treat but also to prevent these ailments. Did you know that physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death globally? The World Health Organization (WHO) states that inactivity is causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally.

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