Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – called Nuad Thai – has been recently added to the Unesco list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This list seeks to recognize things that are important to preserve for future generations.

First UN-recognized massage technique worldwide

It is the first time a massage technique has been acknowledged by the United Nations. Unesco is the United Nations’ agency for education, culture, and science.

In this article we will explain you why Nuad Thai is so important for our cultural heritage.

But first, we like to add that as the first International Training Massage School in Europe and the only certified & internationally recognized Traditional Thai Yoga Massage School in the Netherlands, we are very pleased with this great news. Being a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai – one of the best schools to learn Nuad Thai in Thailand – we have seen the benefits of traditional Thai yoga massage for our over more than 10,000 students.

Plus our lives have changed immensely since we practice Nuad Thai: we are happy and pain-free.

So what is Nuad Thai?

Teacher Training Thai Yoga Massage


Many people don’t know, but Nuad Thai is not the typical massage you’ll find in Spa’s in the west. It is better seen as the physio therapy of the east.

The combination of stretches and deep acupressure in Nuad Thai has an amazing impact on the human tissue. Nuad Thai is used as curative and preventive. A traditional Nuad Thai treatment is the best to relieve stress and tensions in the body.

Because the level of cortisol, the hormone released by stress, decreases. In addition, your body produces more lymphocytes, a white blood cell that ensures a better immune system.

Moreover, massage has an effect on the activity of a number of genes that directly inhibit muscle inflammation – the same result that you get when taking aspirin or ibuprofen – and the muscle recovers faster from exercise.

Life Balance

How is this different than other massage techniques?

If you ever received a traditional Nuad Thai massage, you know the difference from other massages. Thai yoga massage is based on acupressure, reflexology and yoga-like stretching. It is a full body massage that is given over the clothes, on a mat and usually lasts about 1.5 hours.

Thai yoga massage

Benefits for both

Both the client as well as the masseur benefit from the massage. They both improve their flexibility through yoga-like stretches, reduce stress due to the meditative status during the massage and improve their blood circulation as they are doing exercise.

Due to the light acupressure and soft stretches – which you can deepen according to the client’s needs – this massage is accessible for everyone.

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program

What makes Nuad Thai so important?

This is what Unesco states: ‘Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage is regarded as part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare.

As a non-medicinal remedy and manual therapy, it involves bodily manipulation in which the practitioner helps re-balance the patient’s body, energy and structure to treat illnesses believed to be caused by the obstruction of energy flow along ‘sen’, lines understood to crisscross the human body.

This manipulation is intended to normalize the four body elements: earth, water, wind and fire. To open up blocked routes, Nuad Thai therapists perform a combination of manipulations using their hands, elbows, knees and feet, together with herbal hot compresses to reduce inflammation.

Presently, Nuad Thai is classified into two main types: Nuad Thai therapy and Nuad Thai for health promotion. Nuad Thai has its roots in self-care in Thai peasant society of the past; every village had massage healers whom villagers would turn to when they had muscle aches from working in the field. Over time, these experiences have evolved into a formal system of knowledge, and Nuad Thai is now an income-generating occupation.’ That is what Unesco writes on their website.

Thai yoga massage level 1 course

Life Balance

We are very honored to teach everyone interested this centuries’ old healing art. Our school has been teaching Nuad Thai in the form of online courses, retreats in Thailand, and face-to-face courses and workshops in our school in Amsterdam.

However, we often hear this question: ‘I love to receive traditional Thai yoga massage, but a good professional Nuad Thai treatment is expensive.’ And new scientific research shows that you only get the real benefit if you undergo a massage twice a week.

Affordable massage for everyone

This is why our massage school developed Life Balance classes. In these lessons you give, but also get yourself, a 45-minute deep acupressure and stretch massage by following the teacher’s instructions. For the price you pay for a yoga lesson.

Thai yoga massage lesson

Teacher Training

We are the first massage school in Europe to offer the benefits of a holistic deep acupressure massage in class-form twice a week. We believe that this can greatly improve health and we therefore developed a teacher training for those who would like to give these classes in their own yoga, massage or other schools to improve the immune system, reduce stress, fight diseases and recover faster from injuries.

It is our mission to make as many people healthier, happier and stress-free by massage.

Create a healthy, happy & stress-free day!
Nicole & Manel

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How to really fight back pain? Read the real reason of back pain and how to fight it!

Back pain?

You are not the only one. Millions of people have back pain nowadays. It is one of the most common ailments for a doctor’s visit worldwide. It is the leading cause of disability and 80 % of the people will suffer from back pain once in their lives.

So you are not alone. But, what to do?


There are also many solutions offered. But are they helping? Maybe for a short period of time, but in the long run? Do these solutions solve your back pain? Researchers say that most solutions don’t solve the problem, because they don’t treat the cause. But what can?

Here is to the real reason of back pain and how to fight it.

But first…

You are an easy target

You probably have seen ads on TV, Facebook and Instagram for back pain solutions. There are a lot of companies that are only looking at the most regular ailments and then invent products to sell. You can buy them from 20 euro to about 90 euro.

You see advertisements about back supports that you have to put on your knees to have a straighter back or a back supports that you have to wear like a bra to keep your back straight. And there are many variations.


These back pain supports have not been medically tested. There is no scientific proof that it works. However, tons of people are buying these products. Of course if you believe in it, it works for you like a placebo, we would also suggest to use it. But we find it sad to see that people with back problems are such an easy target to buy products they don’t really need.

The cause of your back pain

We believe it is better to see what is the cause of back pain. If you have severe back pain, please go to see your physician. However the most common back pain is lower back pain, caused by strain or tension.


If this is your case, and you sit a lot, then we believe sitting can be the problem. Because when you sit, you don’t move. And when you don’t move, you loose muscle tone and bone mass. Because you don’t use your muscles enough.


Besides lack of movement, stress can also be a trigger for lower back pain. Being stressed or anxious leads to muscle tension by causing blood vessels to narrow. Therefore, reducing blood flow and oxygen to the body’s tissues. This leads to a build-up of waste products, which cause the muscles to spasm or contract.

Being under constant stress causes the muscles to tighten and shorten, triggering pain, often in the neck and back.

Why you feel pain

So why you feel pain? For example, when you sit a lot, you have tight hamstrings, the muscles down the back of your thigh. A tight muscle can be dense, hard and may pinch the nerve and therefore you feel pain. Maybe you can sense these hard little knots in your hamstring or lower back yourself.

When you press on it, it feels like a little ball, it is harder than the other parts of the muscle.


So density in the tissue of the muscle causes less blood circulation. Therefore it is important to have flexible muscles next to the spine and hamstrings, to prevent density, and so to prevent back pain.


Next time when you have back pain, move…

Try to go for a walk, do yoga or take a massage treatment. Your body needs to work on breaking the density of the tissue so it will not pinch the nerve anymore. This can be done by better blood circulation and heating, the effects you can create by massage.

Moreover, the best is to work on the flexibility of the muscles, good blood circulation, and a healthy cortisol level. With mild exercise, your body is doing all that by itself.

Painkiller or not?

And remember, of course you can take a painkiller when you have severe back pain, but it is better to look at the cause. Painkillers work only temporarily, be careful to get depended on them. And did you know, a massage works the same as a painkiller, without any side effects?

Wishing you a back pain free life!

Nicole & Manel

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How to sleep better?

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night?

Do you recognize this too?

Your head cannot stop thinking? You move in your bed to find the right position? You decide to look at your notebook or smart phone again hoping to fall asleep soon? You see yourself scrolling through your friends Facebook and Instagram time lines and all of a sudden it is super late. You put down your smart phone or notebook and stare to the ceiling.


You know that your alarm clock will ring in some hours and now you are right awake.

You cannot fall asleep anymore!

Or do you wake up during the night and have difficulties falling back to sleep? Your head starts thinking too much and you cannot find the right position to fall asleep again? You look at your clock and see the time ticking away, feeling frustration that you cannot fall back to sleep?

Or maybe you wake up too early and are very tired.


Whatever your sleeping problem is…

… you are not the only one.


Just read a research that stated that almost 25% of people have sleeping problems. This research was done among people living in the Netherlands and are 25 years and above.

It is even worse… because 40% of these people say that they sleep so badly they have problems during the day. They have concentration problems, are forgetful and have a bad mood.

Sleeping drugs

Worldwide, more and more people are taking sleeping drugs, like melatonin, sleeping pills, sedating antihistamines and other over the counter sleeping aids. However, specialists say this is very risky. Not only because many people are taking these drugs for a longer period of time, so they get depended. But using sleeping aids without proper diagnoses can cause more serious problems.

Sleeping tricks

I too had difficulties falling asleep and changed some things before bed time as I read about it, which did help a bit:

– No screen time 2 hours before sleeping

– How tempting it might be, not scrolling on my phone in my bed before bed time

– Turn my alarm clock, so I cannot see the time when I wake up at night

– I made my bedroom very dark, I realized it was too light

– No caffeine after dinner time

– A light meal at dinner

– No pure chocolate in the evening (that was hard!)

– Not drinking too much water after dinner, because I always woke up to go to the toilet


But I still was thinking too much in my bed…

So I decided to integrate some ‘thinking-time’ before bed-time. You might call it meditation, but I call it ‘thinking-time’. This is my time when I sit down, quiet, and think more than 10 minutes about the day, about things I still need or like to do, or anything that comes to mind. If needed, I write it down. And then I stop my ‘thinking-time’ so I can go to sleep clear-headed.

Waking up

So yes, this all helped, but still I woke up with digestion problems, having to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Sometimes muscle cramps. Or even if I thought I was relaxed I still had stress in my body which kept me in a vicious circle, to being frustrated to fall back asleep.

So the most important thing that makes me do sleep well, is massage. I make sure I get at least 2 massages a week, so I am relaxed and ready to prepare myself for enough sleep. Yes, I am fortunate having a husband that is a massage therapist. But if he doesn’t have time or he is traveling I ask my kids to walk over me. Or I book a massage. I just want to be sure I am rested and relaxed.

Fighting insomnia

Maybe you now think, massage? What has that to do with sleeping? Well, actually a lot. Because massage fights insomnia; if you have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep.

Because massage reduces digestion problems, increases serotonin (happy hormones), decreases cortisol (stress hormones) and reduces muscle cramps. How massage does that is another story. Anyway, if you have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep just try a massage treatment to see how it works for you.

Wishing you all a good night sleep!

Nicole & Manel

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Acupressure massage history explained: From cosmology to science

What do the Old Stone Age and the Iceman have to do with acupressure massage? Well, a lot!

Because, if you want to understand the real benefits of acupressure massage, you should first understand its history. Because acupressure massage is not something new.


8,000 years of empiric knowledge

Actually, there are over 8000 years of empiric knowledge of acupressure massage. Based on trial and error we now use the acupressure techniques like massage therapy to prevent and cure ailments.

Old Stone Age

Imagine living about 8000 years ago. You would be living in the so-called Old Stone Age. Probably most of your days you would be gathering plants and fishing, hunting or scavenging wild animals. You would live in a small community. And if you were sick, you would go to a traditional doctor. There were no hospitals.

First acupressure tools

At that time acupressure was already used for treatment. Archaeologically research reveals that around 6000 BC long sharp bones and needles sharpened stones were used for acupressure.

The Iceman’s tattoos

If we make a time jump, there is proof of the use of acupuncture around 3300 BC. Anthropologists studied the Iceman, the so-called mummy that was found in 1991 in a glacier. The Iceman has over 61 tattoos. These tattoos were organized into 19 different groups. Each group of tattoos is a set of horizontal or vertical lines.

Joint and spinal degeneration

These tattoo groupings tend to cluster around the lower back and joints. It is very interesting to see that research reveals that these were the places where the Iceman was suffering from joint and spinal degeneration. Therefore it is believed that the tattoos served a therapeutic purpose. Researchers think that the tattoos marked locations for acupuncture or acupressure treatments. Or maybe the tattoos itself were the treatments.



Years later, people who were sick would go to traditional doctors, called Shamans. In Thailand, they were called hermits, Ruetsis. They used to live in the forest, studying traditional medicine, herbs, massage and natural remedies to cure people.

Physiological problems

Archaeologically research reveals that 80% of the consults of the people who went to Ruetsis in Thailand came for physiological problems. They had headaches, back pains, stiff shoulders and pain in the arms etc. Actually the same ailments we have still nowadays.


The acupressure massage that is still given in Thailand nowadays, was introduced in Thailand by the Buddhist monks who arrived from India during the second and third century BC. One of the few ancient written texts of the traditional Thai massage you can find nowadays in the temple of Wat Po in Bangkok.

These drawings illustrate the principles of traditional Thai medicine: that energy flows through the body along ten major channels, meridians, or sen lines. If an obstruction occurs in any of these channels it is believed that pain or disease results.

Traditional Thai medicine banned

The traditional Thai medicine, which includes traditional Thai acupressure massage was banned in the country in 1916 due to the influence of Western medicine that was introduced in Thailand by missionaries and western physicians. However traditional Thai medicine revived around 1978 when the World Health Organization (WHO) urged its member countries to include traditional medicine and medicinal plants in their primary healthcare program. Nowadays traditional Thai medicine is popular, used in hospitals in Thailand and is gaining acknowledgement around the world.

Cosmology versus physiology

For us as traditional Thai acupressure teachers and owners of the first International Training Massage School in Europe, we use the knowledge of acupressure massage in our daily lives. However, when explaining the benefits of acupressure massage to our students we add extra information.

The ocean of Chi

We can describe cosmology versus physiology. Thousands of years ago we did not have the knowledge of biology and physiology as we have now. At that time the benefits of acupressure massage were explained by the unblocking of the energy through the meridians. The energy was called Chi or Qi. And the area of the abdomen was seen as the ocean of the Chi.

Chi or blood?

When we now talk about energy, Chi or Qi, we like to describe this energy as blood circulation. How blood provides oxygen towards the millions of cells that we are made of. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells. Blood plasma carries nutrition. Acupressure massage also improves the movement of lymph, therefore improves your immune system. Acupressure massage increases flexibility and also nerve stimulation. Thousands of years ago they did not know how the digestion system works and why massage of the abdomen is so powerful. They did not know how stress and the level of cortisol are related.

Scientific knowledge

In those times acupressure massage was done by trial and error. We now have so much scientific knowledge that we do use the same traditional acupressure techniques. However we don’t use sharp stones, but our own body like thumbs, knees, elbow, forearm, feet or a wooden stick to give acupressure and we teach by explaining the scientific way.

Modern therapy

However, to understand the benefits of acupressure massage in a scientific way, it is important to know the cosmological way the benefits were explained thousands of years ago. And then mix that with modern therapy.

We keep on updating our knowledge on acupressure massage therapy because every now and then new research and evidence is found. It is so interesting! But one thing did not change these years: The knowledge that acupressure massage works!

We wish you a healthy, happy and stress-free day!

Nicole & Manel

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Ever had a headache?

Well, you are not the only one.

According to the World Health Organization, almost half of the adult population have had a headache at least once within the last year.

A headache has been underestimated, under-recognized and under-treated throughout the world. But it does not have to be, there is another solution. And that is massage.

We explain later. First, some facts.

There are many types of headaches like most people call them a migraine, tension-type headache and cluster headache.

And according to the World Health Organization, the most common secondary headache disorder is a medication-overuse headache. This affects even up to 5% of some populations, women more than men.

However, as we learned in Thailand 80 percent of the headaches can be decreased by massage. It is actually simple. We will explain to you later on in this article. But first I like to share you my (Nicole) story.

This is my story

“Tomorrow would be my 1 year anniversary of being on sick leave. I had a heavy concussion and a whiplash – a suitcase had fallen off the overhead luggage rack while the airplane I was on moved to the airstrip, ready for departure.

My life was not as I had imagined.

I was using painkillers to suppress an enormous headache. I was in bed all day. I could not bear any sound. Nor could I handle any stress. Even grocery shopping was too much.

It was my 7th concussion and 4th whiplash. And I had done a lot of tests: X-ray examination – when I found out I was allergic to contrast agents and had a near-death experience, but that’s a different story – ultrasound, EEC, CT-scan, MRI and neurological examination. They could not find anything.

I had tried all kinds of treatments and therapy to get rid of my pain and symptoms. Physiotherapy. Shockwave therapy (sound waves). A neurologist even paralyzed a nerve for a few days. Neck-traction device at the hospital. I wore a neck brace. Tried a brand-new head pillow that had been custom-made for me. I even changed my diet.

Nothing worked

The only thing that had decreased the worst pain to some degree was treatment from an ortho-manual therapist. The only other alternative was to just lie down in a dark room with painkillers, although that was more pain suppression.

That day, my neurologist asked me if it would not be better for me to resign: quit my office job.

Quit? But then what would I do?

I gave her a hundred reasons not to quit my job. Like being pregnant – perhaps not the ideal timing to resign when I was about to have a baby and being ill as well. No job? Then what? What about my future? And what about my baby that was on the way?

As all these reasons went through my mind, my neurologist gave me one reason – an incentive really – to resign.

She told me that I would get better if I gave massage treatments. I was overwhelmed. I thought it was weird. However, I was also curious. She told that she had seen the same scenario in her practice for years: “We take too many pills, Nicole. We have stressful jobs and just keep taking pills. Not good for people, like you, with headaches.”

She was a fan of therapeutic Thai massage. It helped her relax. It also helped many of her clients who suffered from headaches. “And then you have a relaxed job!” She laughed when she left.

The seed was planted. I started doing some research. I booked massage treatments, so I could experience it myself.

Guess what? She was right!

I had a therapeutic Thai massage every three days for two weeks in a row. The treatments were specifically for headaches and whiplash pain and injuries.

My headaches disappeared.

I had dealt with my headaches and pain for so long, that I just could not remember how good, free and relaxed it felt without a headache.

I threw away my painkillers.

And more importantly, I turned my life around.

I started giving massage treatments and classes full-time. All of a sudden my workspace was no longer an office with computers and deadlines, but a nice space with soothing music and lovely essential oils.

Every day, I make people happy with my massage treatments. Do you know how much energy that gives me? I schedule my own time. I work when I want to. I even meditate during treatments. My body became stronger. My life changed completely. Without headaches.

So now you know my story.

The question is how massage reduces headache?

Well, Manel can explain that clearly: “80 percent of the headaches are caused by a stiff upper back or neck.

There are many causes.

It can be…

An accident (like a concussion, whiplash), so the muscles are overused due to the injury.

Stress – you tighten your upper back muscles too often.

Or lack of movement.

Your upper back becomes stiff because you sit long hours.

Mostly the trapezius muscle or splenius capitis (muscle in the back of the neck) is stiff. You might feel nodes in these muscles. This stiffness can cause the blocking of capillaries. So the blood circulation decreases towards the head. Blood transports oxygen, information, and nutrition to the cells.

Feeling down with a headache?

If you have a lack of blood flow towards the head, you can feel like you are having a bag around you and you feel that there is not enough oxygen. You might even feel down or depressed or heavy or irritated.

How does massage help?

By a massage that exists of deep acupressure and stretches among the stiff muscles of the upper back and neck, the blood circulation improves in general and also to the head. And therefore reduces a headache.

High blood pressure?

There are also other reasons for having a headache. Maybe your headache is caused by high blood pressure? Then massage can also help to decrease your headache. Because massage balances the blood pressure.


Stress is one of the main reasons to ailments nowadays. And stress can also cause a headache because when you are stressed your blood pressure goes up and high blood pressure is a reason for headaches. When you receive massage your hormones will balance.

So when you have stress, you have too much cortisol in your body. During the massage, the cortisol, the stress hormone, will decrease. And serotonin, the happy hormone, will increase. So you feel very quickly during a massage relaxed, your high blood pressure lowers and headache diminishes.

So in short…

So instead of taking medicines, massage can be seen as an alternative to reduce headaches. Because massage improves circulation, massage reduces high blood pressure and massage can balance the levels of serotonin, dopamine and other types of neurotransmitters or hormones that can affect people who have headaches.

Please note…

However, when you suffer from headaches, please seek advice from a doctor first. The doctor needs to diagnose the cause of your headache. And can advise you if in your case a massage can be recommended.

This might sound funny…

We forgot to tell you another reason why you can have a headache. And that is because you think too much! This might sound funny for you. However, in Thailand monks tell us we think too much in the west, we should give our brain a bit rest. That is why meditation is recommended. You can, of course, do meditation yourself. However, when you receive a massage it feels like a meditation. And, if you give a traditional Thai massage, as a masseur you also feel that you are in a meditation state. So in that way, it works both ways.”

Hope it is clear now how massage reduces headaches. We wish you a headache free day, well even better a headache free life!

Create a healthy day!

Nicole & Manel

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Yes, it is finally official.

For many years we are explaining burn-out in our massage lessons, not as a psychosomatic problem, but as a disease. However, it was still not officially recognized.

Today this has changed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially identified burnout as a disease. At the annual meeting in Geneva, the WHO member states added burn-out – including game addiction – to a catalogue containing 55,000 diseases, symptoms and causes of injury.


So what is burn out? 

The official definition is: ‘Chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.’

In the definition of the WHO burn-out has three defining symptoms. A burn-out leads to:

  • feelings of tiredness
  • a negative attitude towards a job
  • and a decrease in productivity.


Some facts

In 2007, more than 11 per cent of employees working in the Netherlands said they had burnout complaints. In ten years this has gradually risen to 16 per cent.


Burn-out reasons

Research institute TNO that examines burn-out complaints every 2 years in the Netherlands, states there are two main causes for the increase in the number of burn-out complaints. First of all, people experience less freedom when they are working. Secondly, more is required of them. These two matters increase work stress and work pressure, according to TNO.


The research also states that about a quarter of the total number of days of absence is related to psychological complaints, overstrain or burn-out. The annual costs of work-related absenteeism are almost 9 billion a year, more than half is spent on psychological complaints.


Wow, that is a lot, right?


Free-lancers are less prone to burn-out

Another interesting conclusion from the research is that permanent employees more often suffer from burn-out complaints than flex workers or free-lance workers. Researcher Hooftman from TNO stated on the Dutch Radio at NOS Radio 1 Journaal: “People with a permanent contract are often in a situation where they have to work hard without having to say anything about it. And if you are in such a situation for a long time, you are more likely to develop symptoms. Being able to determine a lot and not being able to determine for yourself is not such a favourable combination.”


Burn-out recognized as a disease

So burn-out is officially recognized as a disease. However, it will become globally recognized in 2022, giving healthcare providers and insurer’s precedent to acknowledge, treat and cover symptoms of burn-out.


Burn-out explained

So, why do we talk a lot about burn-out during our massage lessons? Because we explain what happens in your body when you get a burn-out. Let’s look at the definition of burn-out: ‘Chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.’


This is what happens when you have stress

When you have stress, your nervous system responds immediately by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones awaken the body for emergency action. This is good when you need to be alert, but what happens when you have stress for a longer period.


Stress can make you sick

When your levels of cortisol in your bloodstream are high, so when you are stressed, something else happens in your body. There are two systems in your body that switch off. The immune system. And the digestion system.


Digestion system shuts down

So everything you eat, will not digest properly. You are more prone to having digestion problems. Or gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis etc.


The immune system switches off

Not only the digestion system shuts down when you are stressed, so does the immune system. So any type of virus or bacteria that you normally could fight properly with your immune system, will now attack you. You can become sick when you are increasing these levels of cortisol for a longer period of time.


Stress at work?

In example let’s say you work in an office where you feel stressed every day. This means you will not have a high level of cortisol for only a couple of seconds when you are in a dangerous situation.


 Work-stress can create burn-out

In a stressful working environment, your levels of cortisol will be high all day during work. Maybe 7 or 8 hours per day. If this happens to you it is very obvious that you can become sick. Many people who are feeling stressed every day will have digestion problems, become sick more often, which can eventually result in burn-out.


How to de-stress?

So you now get the bigger picture. You need cortisol in your body to be alert or when you are in a ‘fight or flight’ situation. However, stress for a longer period is bad for your body. So what do you need to do to when you are stressed, to de-stress? Well, obviously you need to decrease the cortisol in your body.


Lowering cortisol

The best to lower your cortisol level in your body is to improve the blood circulation. You can do that by exercise or massage. Both improve your blood circulation.


Hope it is clear now why burn-out is a disease. We wish you a healthy, happy and stress-free day!

Nicole & Manel

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Choosing a massage course can be difficult. So here are 7 steps to find out what massage course fits you best, to help you choose the right massage course for you.

7 steps to find out what massage course fits you best

Step 1: Why do you want to learn massage?

What is your reason to follow a massage course?


A. Personal interest and personal development

Then, just find a course that you like.


B. Wanting to be able to help friends and family with minor aches and pains

Then, just find a course that is hands-on, with which you can start directly, such as a massage course on a mat on the floor, where you massage over the clothes. So you don’t need to buy any massage equipment. No need for a table or a chair – since a small mat or high carpet is enough to start with. No need to buy oils.


C. Giving massages as a side job

Then, find a course or program that teaches you various massage techniques that are in demand, such as deep tissue and sports massage on a table and chair massage. So you can start very easy to work on festivals and offices as a chair masseur and in Spa’s as a deep tissue and sports massage therapist.

However, if you love yoga, and would like to give massage to yoga practitioners, then a Thai yoga massage program on the mat will work better for you.


D. Adding valuable skills to your own profession

If you already have massage experience, then an advanced massage program in which you learn how to treat ailments work better for you.


E. Seeking a career as a massage therapist

Then, follow a professional program rather than a course, so you learn a lot more of massage. Plus search for a massage program that also teaches you how to set up your massage company.


Step 2: How do you like to give massages?


So if you give massages, you can think about how you would like to do that:


A. Would you like to stand while you give massages?

Then, search for a massage course in which you learn how to give massage on a chair or a table.


B. Would you like to move around on a mat while you give massages?

Then, search for a massage course in which you learn how to give massages on a mat. So you might be standing a little bit, but most of it you will be moving in yoga-like positions.


Step 3: What would you like to massage?


A. Do you like to massage over the skin with oil, creams or hot herbal compress?

Then, search for a deep tissue and sports massage course with oil, a foot reflexology massage course or an abdominal massage course with oil and hot herbal compress.


B. Do you like to give massage over the clothes?

Then, search for a massage course in which you massage over the clothes, such as Thai yoga massage, Thai chair massage, Thai massage on the table, acupressure massage on the mat.


Step 4: Where would you like to massage?


A. Do you like to massage in an office?

Then a chair massage course is the best option.


B. Do you like to give massage at festivals?

Then a chair massage course is the best option.


C. Do you like to give massage in a Spa?

Then Deep tissue and Sports massage course would be a nice option.


D. Do you like to give massage at a yoga centre or a health clinic?

Then a Thai yoga massage course can be a good one.


E. Do you like to give a massage at home, without buying massage equipment?

Then a Thai yoga massage course can be a good one.


F. Do you like to give massage in a (Physio) therapist practice?

Then a massage course to treat ailments can be a good one.


Step 5: Are certifications important to you?

If so, search for a certified school that gives certifications to students.


Step 6: How would you like to learn massage?


A. Would you like to learn at a massage school?

Then, search for a massage school.


B. Would you like to learn from home?

Then, search for a massage school with online massage courses.


C. Would you like to learn massage away from your daily life and taking a break?

Then, search for a massage school that teaches retreats.


Step 7: How to find the massage course?

Search on google, browse social media, ask friends.


Hope this helps in making your choices, to find the massage course that fits you best.

Create a healthy and happy day!

Nicole (& Manel)

PS: Whenever you are ready… here are 5 ways we can help you to become healthier and happier through MASSAGE:

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  4. Acupressure Massage Therapy Program (Level 2 Advanced) – Click Here
  5. Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training Program – Click Here

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The secret of good health

Did you know that the secret to good health is good blood circulation?

We have about 5 litres of blood circulating in our body (based on the average adult). Actually, about 1,5 percent of your body weight is blood. Our blood works on our homeostasis.


From the Greek words for ‘same’ and ‘steady’, homeostasis refers to our actively maintain stable conditions. When we have perfect homeostasis we are healthy. Our levels are in balance, such as temperature, salt, water, sugar, protein, fat, oxygen and calcium. If the homeostasis is not in balance, ailments can occur.

So how does it work?

Blood consists of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Blood has many different functions.

Oxygen and nutrients

Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the lungs and tissues. So when you have a poor blood circulation the oxygen and nutrients cannot arrive at all the organs, so illnesses can occur.

Fight infection

The white blood cells carry antibodies that fight against infection. Blood also brings waste products to the kidneys and the liver that filter and clean blood. So when you improve your blood circulation you improve your immune system.

Stop bleeding

Platelets help to form blood clots to prevent excess blood loss, for example when you have an injury.

No cold feet

And blood also regulates our body temperature. So when you have a good blood circulation you will not suffer anymore from cold feet or cold hands.

Poor blood circulation risks

Poor blood circulation can be the cause behind always cold hands or feet, or tingling feet and hands, fatigue or oedema. If you have poor blood circulation, your blood is not getting where it needs to be. Your organs cannot work properly because they don’t receive the blood needed. There are many serious ailments that can occur from poor blood circulation.

What to do?

Recommendations for a healthy blood circulation are healthy food, moving (not sitting more than 8 hours a day in a chair), exercise and massage. Many people don’t know that massage has the same effects as exercise.

When you receive an acupressure and yoga massage, your blood circulation improves by the acupressure and also by the stretches you receive.

Create a healthy and happy day!

Nicole (& Manel)

PS: Whenever you are ready… here are 5 ways we can help you to become healthier and happier through MASSAGE:

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  3. Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program – Click Here
  4. Acupressure Massage Therapy Program (Level 2 Advanced) – Click Here
  5. Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training Program – Click Here

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This is why we believe everyone should learn traditional Thai (yoga) massage.  Even if you don’t want to become a massage therapist!


Most people think that taking a massage course is only for those who like to become a massage therapist. We believe everyone should learn massage, to make yourself AND friends and family healthier and happier.



Because when you follow a traditional Thai (yoga) massage course you will have the knowledge on …

how to reduce stress,

become happier,

sleep better


eliminate pain.


Save money


Moreover, following a massage course saves you money: Learning massage is a long-lasting solution. Because when you know how to eliminate pain, reduce stress and sleep better, you can save a lot of money for medications, doctor bills and lost working days due to sick leave.


After a massage course, you are able to make others healthier and happier, but also yourself.




You will experience the health benefits of massage yourself because you also receive massages during the lessons. Because participants practice on each other.


You become physically stronger as if you have exercised because during the massage treatments you constantly move.


You become more flexible because during the massage treatments you also do yoga stretches yourself.


You become mentally healthier, stress-free because during the massage treatments you are in meditation yourself.




How would you feel if you are able to make yourself and others instantly relax and happier? And you are able to fix the stiff neck of someone within 5 minutes. How would you feel when you know how to reduce back pain, headache, sore shoulders, and more?


The knowledge you learn during a massage course will help you during your whole life. If you know the techniques of massage, you can instruct others to help you when needed. For example, when you wake up with a stiff neck, you can ask someone to fix it within a couple of minutes, because you know how to give instructions to someone, even if the other person has never given a massage.


Make yourself AND others happier, healthier and stress-free

As you know, we are such a fan of traditional Thai (yoga) massage and so amazed by the health benefits, that we just love to shout it out to everyone, to follow our mission: Making as many people healthier, happier and stress-free by massage.


Create a healthy and happy day!

Nicole (& Manel)

PS: Whenever you are ready… here are 5 ways we can help you to become healthier and happier through MASSAGE:

  1. Retreat – Click Here
  2. Acupressure Massage Therapy Program (Level 1 Foundation) – Click Here
  3. Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program – Click Here
  4. Acupressure Massage Therapy Program (Level 2 Advanced) – Click Here
  5. Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training Program – Click Here

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