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Are you a yoga teacher?

Are you a yoga teacher? Give Thai yoga massage to your clients! The benefits of yoga are well known. However, the benefits of traditional Thai Yoga Massage are not well-known in the West, although this technique has been used in Asia for centuries to cure and prevent. In Thailand, this massage is used in hospitals […]

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Thai Massage the Best Job of the Future

A Thai massage therapist is the best job of the future, why? Time for a career change? Become a massage therapist, the most demanded job of the future! Why? It is scientifically proven that due to the daily use of technology, internet, and smartphones, we move less. Therefore we are more prone to ailments. Neck […]


Do you recognize this?

Do you recognize this? Do you also think sometimes that… You work long hours with your computer in your current job and want something different You are experiencing stress and want to be more relaxed You want to get rid of your complaints, such as stiff shoulders, headache, back pain, RSI etc. You have burn-out […]

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Prevent Ailments by Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage Prevent ailments by massage of internal organs Prevent headaches, back pain, menstrual cramps or constipation? This is possible with abdominal massage. It seems like a miracle, but it isn’t. In Asia, this is done already for many years. Hospital waiting lists are shorter, medical procedures and doctor visits are being prevented. All by […]


To all yoga teachers

To all yoga teachers! According to newspaper The Guardian, your industry is 80 billion euro per year. If you had just a tiny fraction of that you had so many people who wanted to practice yoga with you, you didn’t have time to serve them all. But maybe like most yoga teachers, you are great […]

26 Benefits of Massage

26 Benefits of Massage Receiving a massage with acupressure and stretching will improve your health immensely. Hereby 26 reasons why you should get regular massage.


Attention personal trainers!

Attention personal trainers! Do you know that you can help more clients than your colleagues, without working harder? Of course, you love to help others become fitter, have a very rewarding career, work one-on-one with enthusiastic people, are able to work a flexible schedule…


How to release stress in just a couple of minutes?

How to release stress in just a couple of minutes? Do you also notice that many people around you suffer from stress? Maybe your colleagues at work feel the tension? Do your friends often complain they are stressed out? Or your family members have anxiety or nervousness? How would it be for you if you […]