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Moving Champions!

Recent research reveals that people in the Netherlands are moving the most compared to inhabitants from other countries in the European Union. 80 percent of Dutch people cycle, walk, work in their garden or swim weekly, compared to 44 percent on average in the EU.   Great news or not? Great news, you might think. […]

We are made to move

How many hours did you sit today? How many hours did you move today? Do you ever think about this? And do you know the danger of not moving? Do you know that sitting in a chair can actually cause you to die earlier? Well, to understand this, let’s go back into history for a […]


To all therapists!

Already a therapist? Are you a physiotherapist, massage therapist, ortho manual therapist or working as any other physical therapist? Imagine you could broaden your knowledge and didn’t have to send clients to other therapists, but could treat them yourself…   How would it be for you if you would know how to treat your clients’: […]