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massage and immunization

Did you know vaccination and massage are both trainings for your immune system? How? We explain that later. Why? Well, this week is World Immunization Week, something we personally are very aware of. Our small kids have all the vaccinations provided by the national health care program, and so have we. Thankful And we are […]

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Massage and Autism

Is massage positive for autism? According to our knowledge, we would say yes. We heard results of our massage students that had very positive impacts when they massaged their children with autism. First, a bit more background. What is autism? Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by […]

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Cancer and massage

We wish we could tell you that massage is the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, that is not the case! Actually, it is even contra-indicatory to give a massage to someone who is diagnosed with cancer. In this article, we will explain you the pros and cons of massage and cancer. And we explain the relation […]