Attention personal trainers!

Attention personal trainers!

Do you know that you can help more clients than your colleagues, without working harder? Of course, you love to help others become fitter, have a very rewarding career, work one-on-one with enthusiastic people, are able to work a flexible schedule…



You have certain challenges: It’s tough to make a living, have to always sell your services, uncertain income and risk of burn-out because being a personal trainer takes a lot of energy.


But imagine you could add a new service to your work that makes your work very relaxed and increases your physical flexibility. This new service doesn’t take much of your energy, your risk of burn-out decreases directly (you feel more in a meditation state). And you don’t need to sell your services, it will sell itself.

It will sell itself

Curious what it is?

Well, it is easy… Thai yoga massage. Now I hear you think? Yoga? Massage? Is that something for me to give?

No experience needed

Let me explain, the massage is over the clothes on a mat on the floor. Giving acupressure and stretches. Both masseur and client are in a meditation state and improve their flexibility. As well, you will be able to prevent injuries and improve the healing after an injury. And you don’t need to have any experience.

More clients

We like to share this to you because the personal trainers we know that added Thai yoga massage as an extra service to their clients are giving so much more value that clients have been talking so positively about them that others liked to try it too.

Anyway, you can check it for yourself. You don’t need experience.

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