Are you shy to speak in public too?

Teaching in front of a class

“Thinking about speaking in public makes me a bit tense. And just before I have to speak in public I go constantly to the toilet. When I am finally up there, ready to speak I become even more nervous, my voice shakes…

However, I am too stressed in my job now and thinking of changing careers. I heard you have a Thai yoga massage teacher training. Do you think this is something for me even though I am shy to speak in public?”

This is just one of the many emails we got this week. We have been receiving many emails like this lately since people read that masseurs and massage teachers are one of the most asked jobs in the future. Furthermore we received emails and phone calls with questions if you have to need any experience in massage before joining the teacher training. It is great to see that many of you are enthusiastic to change career and become a Thai massage teacher. Due to the increasing number of questions, we decided to write a blog. So here it is. During ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam’s Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training Program you’ll learn:

Teaching, Leadership & Confidence Skills

Are you shy and you don’t have any teaching experience? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to teach and give you leadership and confidence skills. You will be following a practical stage, in which you will be teaching yourself, step by step, with our help. It is great to see that students that were scared to speak in front of a group, are now confident teachers.

How to become a Professional Thai yoga massage Therapist

Never massaged before? Or never done yoga? Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any experience. Some of our students have a medical background or are already working as a masseur. But this is not needed for the course. We will teach you from the start how to give professional Thai yoga massage treatments on a matt over the clothes using acupressure and stretches.

You will learn the levels 1,2,3 and 4 Professional Thai yoga massage (Nuad Bo Rarn) with official certificates authorized from ITM Chiang Mai acknowledged by the Departments of Health and Education of Thailand and recognized worldwide.

You will become a professional Thai Yoga masseur giving relaxing massages. And on top of that you will also become a professional Thai yoga massage therapist. You will be able to prevent and treat many ailments like back pain, headache, shoulder pain, chest pain, knee pain, tired legs, numbness of legs and arms and many more.

How to teach Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes

We first teach you how to become a Thai yoga massage therapist. Then we teach you how to teach Thai yoga massage classes, that we call Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes.

In this class students receive and also give a 45 minutes full body Thai yoga massage on each other (students take turns) to improve their health immensely. It has been scientifically proven that you can prevent diseases by weekly massage. The best health results you get even in a twice-weekly massage. But for most people a twice-weekly massage is too expensive. This is why ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam has set up Thai Yoga Massage classes so everyone is able to improve their health by receiving and giving massage.

We teach you how to set up these Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes and how to guide your students during your class.

How to teach Thai yoga massage workshops

You will learn how to teach and set up Thai yoga massage workshops. These are 4-hour workshops where everyone interested can learn to massage their friends and family at home. ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam developed these workshops to stimulate everyone to integrate Thai yoga massage in their daily lives and help their friends and family to release tension, stress, and headache and back pain by giving a massage.

How to set up your own company and find clients

Setting up your company and finding clients can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. But don’t worry, we have been there too. Our experienced teachers will be sharing their expertise with you in helping to set up your company, teaching you marketing and giving you step-by-step advice in finding clients so you can start your new career!

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