Are you a yoga teacher?

Are you a yoga teacher? Give Thai yoga massage to your clients!

The benefits of yoga are well known. However, the benefits of traditional Thai Yoga Massage are not well-known in the West, although this technique has been used in Asia for centuries to cure and prevent.

In Thailand, this massage is used in hospitals to shorten waiting lists. That’s why ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam has brought this ancient technique in the Netherlands to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, prevent RSI, to prevent migraines, and many more.

Thai yoga massage is also called assisted yoga

Because traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga have a lot in common, many of our student graduates are yoga practitioners or yoga or Pilates teachers. Especially yoga students seem interested in Thai Yoga Massage, also ‘called’ “supporting Yoga” or “Yoga for lazy people”. And most people don’t know that traditional Thai Yoga massage originated in India like yoga did. Thai yoga massage was transferred to Thailand more than 2500 years ago by Shivaga Komarpaj, the personal physician of Buddha. This medicine is based on asanas (poses) of yoga, acupressure and Chinese medicine. The masseur moves you during the massage in yoga positions, but through the help of the masseur can stretch deeper than when practicing yoga alone. Thai Yoga Massage energizes the body and takes away energy blockages. Stress and tension are reduced and Thai Yoga Massage brings both the client and the practitioner physical, mental and emotional balance.

Many yoga- and Pilates teachers around the world give traditional Thai yoga massage treatments to their clients. Even nowadays in the West traditional Thai yoga massage is becoming more popular and well-known. The treatments are very effective for clients that for some reason are unable to do some asanas or Pilates movements due to past sickness or injuries. Therefore we recommend yoga and Pilates teachers to follow our Thai Yoga Massage Nuad Bo Rarn courses.

More than 10,000 students have already followed our Nuad Bo Rarn Thai yoga massage one-day weekend workhops and also our professional Thai yoga massage courses with international certification to improve the health of others. Most of them are yoga practitioners or teachers. ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam has also been teaching in many different yoga schools in the Netherlands, Spain, Berlin, Belgium and Thailand.


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