Are your partner or your loved ones going through Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia?

What if you had an effective & super easy massage treatment to help your loved ones go from anxiety & stress to relaxed & energized in just 15 mins…

even if you have no massage experience and worry that your hands are too small.


Nuad Thai Massage Framework for Anxiety & Insomnia

A stress reducing quick fix to get rid of anxiety, instantly creating a calm mind and a relaxed body.

So your loved ones can sleep better, be fitter, happier, healthier, and have a greater stress-free relationship with you.

Without having to force them to eat healthy or worrying that they won’t listen to you or needing to pop pills, go to therapists, and pay huge doctor bills that give YOU sleepless nights.

So that you can finally take care of their health and your health.

An easy follow along method – even if you are busy and can only make time once a week – you’ll see great results!

What others say:


“My sister who is 38 years old suffers from severe constipation. She tried so many things. She tried detox. Then herbal pills to help with the movement of the bowel. She did treatments with a nutritionist. And her regular doctor presubscribed medicine. But nothing worked for her.

While practising for my Thai yoga massage, I just started to massage her belly and she immediately after the massage was able to go to the toilet. That was such a relief for her.”

Louiza Kritkou

Statistics and Studies have shown over time what stress can do to your body. 

Stress and anxiety are the #1 reasons for most ailments

Insomnia, headache, back pain, fatigue, chest pain, digestion problems, muscle pain and many more ailments are related to anxiety and stress.

But stress doesn’t just affect the person going through it, it can bring down their entire world – their loved ones, relationships and their work.

Maybe you’ve told yourself that this is a one-time thing and the anxiety will go away over time.

You’ve tried to help them with therapy, meditation, scented oils, exercise but nothing has helped.



Maybe you’ve taken them to a doctor and given them pills but it always makes you uncomfortable to be using unnatural ways to heal the body.

No matter where you are on this journey.

As you see them getting into the black hole of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights, you know it is a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off and you don’t want to be hanging around feeling helpless.

You know deep down, you just cannot afford to wait.

Remember the old adage:

You can’t see your reflection in boiling water

Stress is like boiling water, your loved ones can’t see what it’s doing to them and how to manage it well.

3 Critical Reasons why it is important to help them now:


Stress has a domino effect.

It is not limited to one type of disease or just sleepless nights, it makes a hole in your immune system and makes your body vulnerable for attack. It is literally a matter of time.


It can ruin and scar relationships.

Stress at work and anxiety have been the number 1 cause for relationships breaking down. And the answer to a stressful job is not always quitting your job.


The body is a map of what’s going on in the mind and vice versa.

Since ancient times, it is known that pressure points on the body can relieve pain, energise and revitalise it. But 2 people are needed for this process – the seer & healer of the pain and the experiencer of the pain. You can be the healer for your loved ones.

How she helped her sister with massage


“She used to take pills every day – painkillers. And at some point, she got addicted to some of the painkillers. To reduce the addiction, she started to take some that were weaker, and they didn’t work. So she had to take more and more.

Eventually, she was taking painkillers every day. After I started giving her the massage, her dependency has gone. And now, she comes to get a massage when she feels it is going to start again. She does not need her painkillers anymore. I am truly thankful.”

Louiza Kritkou

The key is to help them manage anxiety & stress because life will always have something that’ll give them a reason to worry. 

So, how would you help them reduce anxiety?


Most people say the easy answer is: They need to relax!

You would say – It’s easier said than done! 

But here’s the thing, it is medically & scientifically proven that the body needs to reset your nervous system to take you from stressed to relaxed.

So, how would you do that?

You have to help to change the response by the brain from sympathetic (when you are in a fight or flight mode, so when you are stressed) to the parasympathetic (the part of the nerve system that controls the functions in our body when we are in a relaxed mode).

And while taking medication or drugs is an option, in the long run, it isn’t always the best way to help your body heal. 

A more natural way to do so would be by acupressure, meditation, exercise, yoga and massage. But which one? 

What if you combine acupressure, meditation, exercise, yoga and massage into one 15 min therapy session that can give you 10X the results?

This is actually Nuad Thai Massage. This is the massage technique we show you in the Massage Therapy Method for Anxiety.

What makes us experts?


We are not fly-by-night course creators.

We are an INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED AND RECOGNIZED massage school with a home base in Amsterdam since 2009.

Over the years we have taught more than 10,000 people worldwide and professionally trained 600+ therapists in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Thailand.

We have been featured in various media, such as:


ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam was founded by Manuel Luque Aguilera and Nicole van Zurk.

We both come from professional corporate backgrounds and understand the stresses that come with professional careers well. 


We found the benefits of Thai massage while searching for a solution for our own physical ailments.

Captivated by this preventive and therapeutic technique we decided to leave our jobs, learn more about Thai massage in Thailand and eventually teach this technique to our students.

Straight from a happy customer


“I tried different kinds of massages, because I am quite a worrier. When I received the Thai yoga massage for the first time I could really feel how deep the massage felt in my muscles. 


I felt energized after the massage. That is the combination that is so interesting, because you not only feel energized but also really relaxed after the massage.”

Marike Sala

5 Life – Altering ways NUAD Thai Massage Framework helps you and your loved ones

Drastic Stress Reduction:

Watch their stress melt away in minutes as if by magic.

Eliminate pain:

Release blocks in the nervous system that are keeping your loved ones in pain, irritable and uncomfortable.

Increase in Happiness Scale:

Because massage increases endorphins, using it over a period increases the happiness quotient of not just the patient but also family members of the patient. 

Sleep like a baby:

No more insomnia. Good sleep that not only boosts the immune system but also gets them in a good mood and productive days.

save money:

No more Doctors visits & sick leaves. You can actually save that money to go on a vacation or finally get that thing you were eyeing for so long but couldn’t afford. 

So how will you get there? 

Just follow our NUAD Thai Massage Framework and we will get you there. 

You are 15 minutes away…

…from helping your loved ones get rid of pain, stress and insomnia.

…from helping them lead a happier and peaceful life which will not only help them but also alter your reality forever.

What’s included?

 The Nuad Thai Massage Framework for Anxiety & Insomnia:

Module 1:

The Science behind the Magic of Nuad Thai Massage (Neural Triggers)

If you have ever felt stressed or anxious and someone tells you: ‘Just relax, stay calm’, but you’re not able to instantly calm down. Don’t worry you are not an anomaly.

This module will help you understand what happens inside the body & what triggers when someone is anxious and how other ailments are related to stress. Once you are armed with the right knowledge, you will start to see the signs before they get to critical levels. This is literally half the work to beat the stress & anxiety.


  • Manage your anxiety and that of your partner
  • Have a calm mind
  • Create a relaxed body
  • Relate insomnia, headache, back pain, fatigue, chest pain, digestion problems, muscle pain and more to anxiety and stress

Module 2:

The Massage Practice (Anatomy Triggers)

This simple follow along 5 Lesson Module touches upon each and every aspect of the body that can be affected by Stress & Anxiety. You can go along at your pace. The lessons are complete in themselves & made for an easy watch.  At the end of each lesson you will be able to use the techniques directly without having to worry about completing the whole course just to get started. 

  • Lesson 1 Foot and Leg Massage Therapy for Anxiety
  • Lesson 2 Abdomen Massage Therapy for Anxiety
  • Lesson 3 Chest Massage Therapy for Anxiety
  • Lesson 4 Back Massage Therapy for Anxiety
  • Lesson 5 Neck & Head Massage Therapy for Anxiety


  • Cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone) and tensions in the feet and balancing the nerve system, by massaging the nerve endings on the feet
  • Digestion problems related to stress/anxiety and increase serotonin levels (the ‘happy hormone’) by abdominal massage
  • Chest pain and respiratory problems, related to the fast and shallow breathing caused by anxiety
  • Back pain, shoulder pain and mental disorders
  • Neck pain and headache related to anxiety and stress

Module 3:

The entire massage Flow 

Want to see how the entire massage flows in one go? Watch and follow along with our full massage flow that will show what the 15 mins will entail.


Reduce anxiety and stress of your partner following the easy and effective step-by-step massage protocol

Become calm and relaxed yourself with a peaceful mind within seconds.


Bonus 1.

Massage Anatomy for Beginners


Don’t have massage experience?

This easy-to-follow guide teaches you the basics of anatomy for massage, so you can give an effective massage, even if you don’t have any massage knowledge.

You may start out as a beginner with no knowledge but definitely will leave as an advanced level student.

Bonus 2.

Guide to Create a Calm Mind
by Giving Massage

Too stressed to give a massage? 

This must-have video guide teaches you how you can have a calm mind in just a few minutes, so you can give a good massage, even if you are feeling super stressed and don’t feel like you can calm down. 

Bonus 3.

Relaxed in 15 Minutes: Quick Fix Massage Tutorial – When you don’t have time.

Don’t have time, but still in need to make yourself or your partner relaxed?

This video tutorial teaches you how just 15 minutes of massage can be enough for a quick fix to become relaxed.

Every time a student enrolls in our full Nuad Thai Massage Program, their starting point is a € 3K investment for the Full Program. 

Considering the current environment and the high stress demands we have seen due to the pandemic, we have decided to teach some of the same techniques we teach in our full program here. We want to contribute to releasing stress around the world during this crisis. 

This course is purposefully under-priced at the moment, so that these lessons are more accessible to you in our current economic environment. We will likely raise the price once the world is back to it’s normal pace. So the only way to get in on this – which is the lowest it will ever be offered at… is to sign up now. 

This is a special offer and we’d hate to see you miss this opportunity.

How long will you and your loved ones be suffering from your anxiety and stress?

How long will you and your loved ones have stress related symptoms, like headache, insomnia, feeling irritated, negative thoughts,

digestion problems and feeling not fit?

It’s time to change.

It’s time to create a happier, healthier and stress-free life. It’s YOUR time.



For those of you who would like to see all that you get at one glance. 

Here’s what is included.


The NUAD Thai Anxiety Release Massage Course

Module 1 – The Science behind the Magic of Nuad Thai ( Neural Triggers) Valued at $197
Module 2 – The Massage Practice (Anatomy Triggers) Valued at $297
Module 3 – Anxiety Release Massage (The entire massage Flow) Valued at $397
Bonus 1 – Massage Anatomy for Beginners Valued at $97

Bonus 2 –  Guide to Create a Calm Mind

by Giving Massage

Valued at $97
Bonus 3 – Relaxed in 15 Minutes: Quick Fix Massage Tutorial Valued at $97
Total Value $1182

Now at 






I’ve joined your massage program. In what way is the course different and what will I get from it?

The course is one simple method that practically guarantees FAST anxiety and stress reduction, so you and your partner have a calm mind and relaxed body – within some minutes. No more stress-related symptoms like sleeplessness, headache and digestion problems, so you can have a happy, healthy and stress-free relationship with your loved ones. We guide you personally, step-by-step through the videos.


If you followed our program(s) you can integrate these techniques into your massage routines.

I am very stressed myself, how can I give massage?

The course teaches you how you can become relaxed in some minutes by giving a massage. It is easy to learn. Plus of course if you ever received this massage, you know that your mind and body will be relaxed during the massage.

I don’t have a lot of time, is this for me?

When we realized the benefits on our mental and physical health by this massage, we decided to make two evenings a week free to give each other a massage. When the kids are in bed, we just decide – instead of watching TV – we give each other a massage, even when we don’t feel like it. The results are fantastic! As written before: We are pain-free, relaxed, happier and sleep better.


However if you only have 1 evening a week, you will already see a big difference.

I am new to massage. Is the course still for me?

Yes. You don’t need any experience for this course. We guide you step-by-step.

My hands get tired from massage. Will this course work for me?

You don’t need to be strong in your hands for this massage at all. During this course we teach you how to give massage with your thumbs, fingers, palms and feet. You will learn how to use body-weight instead of your force, so you will not become tired after giving the massage. Indeed, you become more energetic after giving a massage.

What massage equipment do I need?

You don’t need any special equipment for this massage. Comfortable clothes and a mat to lie on is enough. A thin mattress, yoga-mat or thick blanket will work.

How can I pursue my partner to give me the massage in return as well?

We have heard this a lot, during all the years we teach (and that is since 2009)! We recommend just to give your partner the massage first, to experience the benefits him/herself. Mostly you will see the results on your partner who is then very happy to give you the massage back. Moreover, a relationship needs some work. So instead of a Netflix evening together, just try this once.

What’s the schedule for the course? Can I take it at my own pace?

Yes. Upon purchasing the course you’ll get access to the whole course. It’s entirely self-paced and the content is online 24/7, so you can take it whenever and wherever you want. Plus you get 1-year access so you can return to the content again and again.

How is the course content delivered?

The content all sits on one private portal online at For each module there are videos and PDF downloadables. You can watch, listen or read – or all 3.

For how long will I have access to the content?

You will have 1 year access to all the course content. This is usually enough to master all the information. However, if you like to have access longer, it is optional to renew your access.


Since we have added deadlines for our courses, we see a huge impact on the results that our students book. More and more students start the course, right after purchasing to make themselves and their partner happier, healthier and stress-free. It is such an honor to hear these amazing life changing stories! So forget procrastination, start as soon as possible, even if you think you don’t have time. With just 15 minutes, you can make a huge difference.

What is the refund policy?

Please note that the Massage Therapy Method for Anxiety is a fully digital course and is non-refundable. We believe so deeply in the health benefits you’re about to receive and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the course through. Having issues? Contact us at

What if I have more questions?

No problem. Email and our team will answer them.


“Stress has become a part of the lifestyle we lead. In my husband’s case, his stress affects his middle & lower back. I didn’t think of using massage for relieving stress till Nicole suggested the course.  


The massage techniques have been so helpful. Recently when he got a back ache, with only 2 days of massage, he was fit and fine. He was able to even go to the gym for his regular workout. The only disadvantage is now he wants massages all the time. 😀 


I am grateful to Nicole and Manuel for making this course. It was an eye-opener. ”

Mansi Rastogi

Last thing for those of you who are readers of long pages… 


We and our students know first hand what stress, anxiety and insomnia can do to the mind and the body. 


While it might not look like much, stress does silently make your body weaker, inviting more diseases till there comes a point where you have to consult a physician or a therapist.


We believe you can catch it and curb the ill effects of stress before it reaches critical stages. 


And if you are seeing someone you love go through a tough situation, you can see what it’s doing to them mentally and physically. 


If you can help reduce their stress even 50-70%, wouldn’t you want to take that chance?

Ready to get rid of Stress & Anxiety forever without popping any pills?

Here’s a snapshot again of what you are getting.


The NUAD Thai Anxiety Release Massage Course

Module 1 – The Science behind the Magic of Nuad Thai ( Neural Triggers) Valued at $197
Module 2 – The Massage Practice (Anatomy Triggers) Valued at $297
Module 3 – Anxiety Release Massage (The entire massage Flow) Valued at $397
Bonus 1 – Massage Anatomy for Beginners Valued at $97

Bonus 2 –  Guide to Create a Calm Mind

by Giving Massage

Valued at $97
Bonus 3 – Relaxed in 15 Minutes: Quick Fix Massage Tutorial Valued at $97
Total Value $1182

Now at 





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