Additional Terms and Conditions

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is registered at CRKBO – Central Register for Short Professional Education. These terms and conditions are in line with the terms of the CRKBO. Moreover ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam is a member of NRTO (Dutch Council for Training and Education), and therefore, we adhere to these conditions.

However, we also have additional Terms and Conditions:


  1. Governing Law and Liability: The study contract is governed by Dutch law. In the event that Thai Hand is found to be at fault, and you suffer harm as a result, Thai Hand’s liability is limited to compensation for direct damage. Massage is not a substitute for medical examination or treatment. You are responsible for seeking the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider for mental and/or physical ailments. Before starting the massage treatment, course, program, workshop, class, or retreat, you should inform us of your medical situation during our registration process. It is your responsibility to communicate any changes in your medical situation promptly, so we can update your medical records. You understand that there will be no liability on the part of Thai Hand or the individual massage therapist if you have not provided us with your updated medical situation on time. Thai Hand is not responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from any of its services. Parties are liable to the extent of the law or the contract, understanding that the financial liability of Thai Hand is limited to the amount of the relevant insurance benefit.
  2. Suspension: Thai Hand reserves the right to refuse, suspend, and/or remove students in special circumstances. This applies to students who commit fraudulent acts or engage in behavior outside the social norm, displaying aggression or violence in communication, whether by phone, digital means, or in person.
  3. Reflection: A reflection period applies, but it expires once you log in to the online learning environment or if you have attended the first lesson.
  4. Delay: You may delay your course without incurring any additional administrative costs, provided that it is completed within one year from the initial enrollment date. Should the postponement extend beyond one year, additional administrative costs will be charged, amounting to 20% of the regular course fee listed on our website at the time of the postponement request. If you have purchased a course with a discount and wish to postpone after the one-year mark, additional administrative costs will be based on the current regular course fee listed on our website, regardless of any previous discounts applied during the initial purchase. Similarly, if you wish to postpone a single course within a full program, additional administrative costs will also be calculated based on the current regular course fee. These terms and conditions apply to both offline and online courses offered by our institution.
  5. Cancellation of Unlimited Class Card: You have the option to terminate your subscription at any time by submitting a written request to as specified in our terms and conditions. To ensure a smooth transition, we require a 1-month notice before the next renewal date.