Welcome to International Training Massage School Thai Hand Amsterdam

The first international training massage school in Europe teaching Nuad Thai Massage. The only certified & internationally recognized Traditional Thai Massage School in the Netherlands. Lessons are in English, online & in our school. For beginners & professionals.

What is Nuad Thai Massage and why is it so powerful?


Acupressure, manipulation of the joints & stretching over the clothes


Combination of yoga, meditation and massage


UN-recognized massage technique worldwide


Also known as traditional Thai yoga massage or Thai traditional medicine


Health benefits for both client & masseur


Used in hospitals in Asia and as a daily health practice


Originally on the mat, nowadays also performed on a chair or table.

This is us on National Television. In English, with Dutch subtitles.

Love the way they teach, with a lot of passion and no-nonsense👏🏻.
The videos are also very clear and a real added value for me to practice at home. When you still have questions you can always come to visit them for explanation (at a fixed time).
If you want to learn Thai Massage you are at the right address here 😀

Joëy de Man

More than 10,000 people worldwide participated in learning & experiencing Nuad Thai Massage with us

In one word – wonderful! The school really allows you to leave your daily worries outside for a while. Courses are well structured in meaningful units and lessons, and the way of teaching allows for quick assimilation of knowledge. And of course, the driving force behind it all are teachers. Rarely can you find so many different personalities with different teaching styles working in one place in such harmony. Regardless of differences, they all share something in common – high level of expertise, and most importantly, the same passion for what they do. That is what makes you feel at home and pushes you to learn and practice, and then learn even more and practice more and more…

Nenad Cupic

Want to try it out first?

We have been featured in various media, such as:

About ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam


First International Training Massage School in Europe


The only certified & internationally recognized traditional Thai Yoga Massage School in the Netherlands


Teaching Nuad Thai, the only massage technique in the world recognized by Unesco as world heritage


Lessons are in English and at college level (HBO) but we invite everyone to participate


For beginners & professionals


Founders Manel & Nicole


Originally from Spain (Manel) and the Netherlands (Nicole), we met in Thailand years ago while studying Nuad Thai Massage (Thai Yoga Massage).

We are married, have 2 kids and live in the Netherlands.

Since 2009 we dedicate our lives to study and teach the impact of acupressure massage and stretches on human tissue.

The enormous health improvements on the more than 10,000 people we have been teaching worldwide, plus all the empiric knowledge of our students and clients over the years, complements our fascination for massage.

We are passionate about massage, because since we discovered the benefits of massage our lives have changed immensely: We are happy and pain-free.

So now we are on a mission to make as many people as possible happier, healthier and stress-free by learning massage.


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