Want to be a Therapy Massage Practitioner?

Want to be a Therapy Massage Practitioner?

Like to work flexible hours, as an all-round massage therapist, while using different massage techniques? Then the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program might be something for you. The training consists of modules Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. You also learn Anatomy & Physiology and we teach you how to find a job and how to set up your own company. Experience is not needed. You can choose weekend or weekly evening classes.

What is Therapy Massage?

Therapy Massage is aimed at preventing ailments and improving overall health through various massage disciplines: chair massage, foot reflexology massage, deep tissue & sports massage and Thai table massage. In Asia massage is part of regular medicine, and in the west, the benefits of massage are also becoming more and more familiar. Thus, research shows that 15 minutes of chair massage results in reduced stress at work, increased alertness and increased speed and accuracy of mathematical calculations. Office workers who are regularly massaged are more alert, perform better and are less stressed. Chair massage is the best massage to learn if you want a flexible job. As a chair massage therapist you can work in markets, festivals, offices, shops, businesses and more. Foot reflexology is the most common massage in Asia against insomnia, headache, backache, knee pain, problems in the foot, stress and more. The benefits of foot reflexology are not yet known in the West, but awareness grows, so you will have big career opportunities as a foot reflexologist. It is known that through Deep Tissue and Sports massage (professional) athletes recover faster from injuries and also to stay healthy. In addition, this is the perfect massage to improve your immune system (by stimulating the lymphatic movement that filters waste from white blood cells that fight bacteria), reducing stress (by reducing the level of cortisol in your body), to become happier (by increasing endorphin, the happy hormone) and fight insomnia (the massage balances your mood through the impact on the endocrine system). And the Thai Table Massage is the most advanced and increasingly popular massage in wellness centres, because of the many health benefits of this massage technique. As a Therapy Massage Practitioner you have the opportunity to have a very varied job because of the different massage techniques you learn, and you can also offer the techniques in different locations and companies.

You will learn…

During the Therapy Massage Practitioner program we teach you Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

Thai Table Massage

Thai Table Massage is a preventive and therapeutic full body traditional Thai Yoga Massage treatment on the table, based on manipulation of joints, acupressure and stretches over the clothes. It increases flexibility and the client experiences deep relaxation through passive stretching and acupressure. Thai massage diminishes stress, relaxes tension areas in the whole body, is good for headache and back pain, improves flexibility and boosts the energy level.

Thai Chair Massage

Thai Chair Massage is an effective massage to the back, neck, shoulders, and hands on a massage chair and on an ordinary chair. It is an innovative blend of Thai Massage movements and Thai acupressure points. Thai Chair Massage relieves stress, boosts energy, alertness and productivity. Moreover Thai Chair Massage increases blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and pain. And it helps to relieve repetitive-stress-injuries (RSI), relaxes and rejuvenates.

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

Thai Foot Reflexology massage is a practical technique to loosen the feet using a Thai reflexology stick, relax and stimulate the body to restore its own healthy balance in a natural way. It  works with the reflex points on the feet that match each organ in the body. The nerve endings of the various organs in the body lead to the palms and soles of the feet. Abnormal function or blockage in the organs causes pain in the associated pressure point. When this pressure point is stimulated, the blockade is removed and the organ is returned to its correct function.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage is a massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back pain, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. The movement is slower than Classic Swedish Massage and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain in order to reach the sub-layer of muscles and the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

How to set up your company?

After graduation of the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program you might like to work in a health clinic, massage salon, physiotherapist centre or sports school. Or you might prefer to set up your own company? This might be difficult if you don’t know where to start. But don’t worry, we have been there too. Our experienced teachers will be sharing their expertise with you in helping to seek for job opportunities and to set up your company, teaching you marketing, and giving you step-by-step advice in finding clients so you can start your new career!


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