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Now I know a Job can be Fun

It was the first time I felt a job can be fun!

Read what Teacher Training graduate Marike Sala says…

We asked the opinion of one of our teachers Marike Sala, who followed the Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training and is now teaching at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam.

The effects are amazing

‘The Thai yoga massage is a combination between the giver and the receiver. It is a kind of meditation in movement for both. And the effects for both the client and the masseur are amazing,’ says Marike just before the start of a massage class she is teaching.

You feel energized and relaxed at the same time

‘I tried different kind of massages, because I am quite a worrier. So I use the massage in a way to go back into my body. When I received the Thai yoga massage for the first time I could really feel how deep the massage felt in my muscles. I felt energized after the massage. That is the combination that is so interesting, because you feel energized but also feeling really relaxed after the massage.’

I thought wow I like to share this feeling

‘I really thought wow I like to share this feeling with others. I like to give the same feeling to others. And to learn to give this massage as well.” She says in between laying the massage matts in a row in front of the mirror in the massage school to prepare her lesson for today.
‘I followed level 1 and level 2 of Nuad Bo Rarn Thai yoga massage and I started to give treatments myself. It was an amazing feeling because people that I massaged are discovering new forms of massage and they are really grateful about the results.’

For the first time I felt a job can be fun!

‘I think it was the first time for me that I thought: ‘Wow, a job can be fun! A job can give me some positive energy.’ That was really special to me. She smiles, turns on some relaxing massage music and lights the candles in the room, and sits down on a matt wearing traditional massage pants and a t-shirt, to continue her story…

‘When I first took a course I was really excited. Because the way the massage is taught at the school is really interesting. The teachers are really experienced and so passionate about what they are doing. And the way they teach is really the Thai way. It is about watching. It is about feeling and doing it yourself. It is an amazing way of learning. Because you are much more concentrated on what you are feeling, not so much only in the head.’ She smiles and her eyes are twinkling while she passionately talks more.

I thought I cannot do this

‘When I first was in the massage classes, I was always looking at the teacher and I was thinking: ‘Wow I would also like to be the teacher!’, but I was thinking, I might not be the kind of person that likes to speak in big groups to be the center of attention so I thought I am not sure if it is something for me.’

But look where I am now

‘The teachers at the school encouraged me to start and I was well coached. And now… yes well there I am, I am now here in the middle, doing the class.’ Marike points to her students that have been entering the class during our conversation and off she goes teaching Life Balance Massage for Health Classes.

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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Massage Therapist…

#1 It is a very rewarding career

The fact that you can improve the health of others in mental and physical pain is a great reason to choose the career of massage therapist. It is scientifically proven that you can prevent diseases by frequent massage. Massage improves your immune system, you recover more quickly after an injury and prevent your muscles from injuries.
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Are you shy to speak in public too?

Teaching in front of a class

“Thinking about speaking in public makes me a bit tense. And just before I have to speak in public I go constantly to the toilet. When I am finally up there, ready to speak I become even more nervous, my voice shakes…

However, I am too stressed in my job now and thinking of changing careers. I heard you have a Thai yoga massage teacher training. Do you think this is something for me even though I am shy to speak in public?”

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Top 7 Reasons to Become a Thai Yoga Massage Teacher…

#1 Make others Healthier

Sharing your skills as a Thai yoga massage teacher gives you the opportunity to change the lives of others. When you teach Thai yoga massage, you can inspire your students. Moreover, as scientifically proven your students will become healthier.

By Thai yoga massage your immune system improves, you recover more quickly after an injury and prevent your muscles from injuries.

And if you have any injuries Thai yoga massage will help you to recover better. Inspiring students and changing their lives by sharing your skills as a Thai yoga massage teacher is a very rewarding job.

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Why we choose the healthiest job in the world?

We changed to one of the healthiest careers in the world.

What about having a job that makes you feel relaxed and happy? A job with which you earn a good salary, while working part-time, inspiring others, changing lives and helping others to become healthier?

Are you ready for a career change? Hooked on massage? Or do you like to reduce your stress, headache, burn-out, rsi and get rid of taking pain killers?

We did it, so can you…

Is this possible? Yes we did! And we believe, if we can do it, so can you…
We met in Thailand at International Training Massage School Chiang Mai studying Thai yoga massage. Manuel who had given away all his belongings only owning a backpack containing his clothes. He had just given up his well-paid but stressful job as a real estate manager in Spain to study Thai yoga massage to become happy and stress-free like his massage therapist. And Nicole who had fallen in love with Thai yoga massage in the Philippines when her colleagues told her to get rid of her painkillers for neck pain and back pain, as a result of accidents, and take massages instead.
When we discovered the health benefits of Thai yoga massage, we both quit our well-paid jobs and became an international certified Thai yoga massage teacher. This seemed crazy at the time!

Too stiff to give massage treatments?

Manel was very stiff in the beginning, never done yoga before and unable to sit on his knees more than 1 minute while giving a massage. Moreover his English was very basic. But it is amazing how quickly you can transform your body and your life.

Possible to make a living of teaching Thai yoga massage?

Nicole thought she was not strong enough to give a Thai yoga massage, only learning later that you have to use your bodyweight while giving a Thai yoga massage treatment, so strength does not matter at all. Everyone can learn how to give Thai yoga massage. Also, she wasn’t sure if she had the skills to teach others. Besides she didn’t think it was possible to make a living from teaching Thai yoga massage lessons. But this all changed during the Teacher Training program.

Job with most demands in the future

Back in Amsterdam we found out that massage teachers are one of the best jobs with high demand worldwide, and the demand is still increasing. Why? It is scientifically proven that due to daily use of technology, internet and smart phones, we move less. This is why we are more prone to ailments. Neck pain, back pain and fatigue are some of the health problems caused using computers, tablets or smart phones. The more we use technology, the less we move and the more ailments we have. Therefore the more demand of massage therapists, to treat but also to prevent these ailments.

Teaching Thai yoga massage is rewarding!

Not only our customers for treatments and Life Balance have an amazing experience, but I am very happy to say that we changed the lives of many students already by helping them to develop another career, namely the career of Thai yoga massage therapist. Because the massage industry is still booming and we receive many requests of people from everywhere to ask if we can teach this technique, we decided that we cannot do this alone anymore. Therefore Manuel founded the Teacher Training of ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam. With the experience of all those years we have set up a program to share the knowledge in a teacher training. This Teacher Training is not a standard training. You will not only learn how to give different massage treatments, but also how to teach Thai yoga massage workshops, the Life Balance Classes, how to set up your school, teacher ethics, how to talk in public, how to treat customers with ailments and injuries and many more… So if you are interested and like to become a Thai yoga massage teacher to share this amazing centuries’ old preventive and curative technique, used in Thai hospitals for many years to decrease waiting lists, you are very welcome to join our Teacher Training Program. And yes, Manel told me this already 8 years ago: ‘Nicole let’s set up a traditional Thai yoga massage school, because teaching traditional Thai yoga massage is the best job of the future’. Back then, I didn’t believe him.

This is how it happened…

If you have told us when we just started to learn Thai yoga massage, that one day we would have 2 schools of massage in 2 different countries, be a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai in Thailand, teaching more than 6,000 students, we might not have believed you. But this is how it happened, and because

the massage industry is still booming and we receive many requests to teach Thai yoga massage, we decided we cannot do this alone and set up the Teacher Training of ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam. And it is great to see that our graduates are doing well in setting up their own massage school or teaching in other schools worldwide.

Is it your time too?

So if you like having a job that makes you feel relaxed and happy… A job with which you earn a good salary, while working part-time, inspiring others, changing lives and helping others to become healthier? Then today might be the beginning of a whole new lifestyle for you. Maybe it is time for you to become a certified Thai yoga massage teacher.

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