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We are made to move! Sitting can kill you!

How many hours did you sit today? How many hours did you move today? Do you ever think about this? And do you know the danger of not moving? Do you know that sitting in a chair can actually cause you to die earlier? Well, to understand this, let’s go back into history for a […]

Why Massage is a Miracle to the Body?

Health benefits of massage Most people think of massage as relaxation, something luxurious, on holiday or in a spa. But did you know that massage improves your health? Massage offers multiple benefits to the organs of the body. Massage works preventively and curatively. In Asia, massage has been used in hospitals for centuries to shorten […]

Want to be a Therapy Massage Practitioner?

Want to be a Therapy Massage Practitioner? Like to work flexible hours, as an all-round massage therapist, while using different massage techniques? Then the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program might be something for you. The training consists of modules Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. […]

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Why can stress make you sick?

Stress and your body   Why can stress make you sick? Stress is the body’s reaction to harmful situations (sometimes real, sometimes only perceived). Stress can be good, when you only feel stress or anxiety for a short time, like for a test or a job interview. Through this feeling of stress you are more alert, […]

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Top 7 Reasons to Become a Thai Yoga Massage Teacher…

#1 Make others Healthier Sharing your skills as a Thai yoga massage teacher gives you the opportunity to change the lives of others. When you teach Thai yoga massage, you can inspire your students. Moreover, as scientifically proven your students will become healthier. By Thai yoga massage your immune system improves, you recover more quickly […]